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On the rise at AIM Group - Actionable gifts with a story is the new trend

AIM Group - Actionable gifts with a story is the new trend
This year, at AIM Group International there is a story behind each gift that is given away. The story is told with the help of partners at Little Sun – a social project spreading affordable light in the form of a solar-powered lamp, to people living off-the-grid. Together they deliver an actionable and useful gift, which changes lives. The story will be told again at this year’s IBTM World (17-19 Nov), in Barcelona, Spain.

“Our idea is to not just give something that people would take and afterwards think twice if they have space in their luggage, which is what most planners and buyers do at the end of each trade show. We wanted to invest in something that matters. That’s how we came across Little Sun and we saw the immediate similarity in both our core messages – giving light and changing lives for the better” shared AIM Group’s Vice President Patrizia Buongiorno.

“At this edition of IBTM World we will continue to spread the light together with Little Sun, share the message and use our unique position in this industry to make a true difference!”  

Little Sun is a social project dedicated to make clean, safe, and affordable source of light more accessible to the 1.2 billion people living without electricity. Contributing to the purchase of the Little Sun lamps we are investing in the delivery of Little Sun light to off–grid areas. The price of each lamp is set higher in areas of the world with electricity than in areas without it. Little Sun uses this on-grid investment to build their distribution system, making more lamps available to off-grid users at locally affordable prices.  

AIM Group International stand behind actions that matter. By accepting AIM gifts people will join the Little Sun project making an impact! 

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