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Yooma, the urban lodge to open 1st March

Yooma the urban lodge

Euragone launches an unprecedented hotel concept in Paris - France

Yooma is a new brand in hospitality and will inaugurate its first 106-room hotel in Paris in March 2017. With an accommodation capacity of 434 people, it is located on the Quai de Grenelle (Paris 15th) facing the river Seine, just one kilometre from the Eiffel Tower.
"Families or groups of young professionals who are driving the success of Airbnb today are not being offered any suitable hospitality solution" says Pierre Beckerich, President of Euragone.

Seeing this, the businessman created a unique product in the hospitality market.

"The new product we are launching meets the needs that aren't covered by the hospitality industry in the niche of welcoming micro-groups. It provides an extra-friendly environment, and the accommodation offer is as price-efficient as digital platforms," he points out.

Yooma has a singular, powerfully assertive DNA:
Yooma is a hotel offering with 80% of its rooms catering to groups of 4 to 6 people, in an ecosystem that is enriched with multiple and original experiences.
◦ With its rooms for 4 to 6 guests, Yooma is first and foremost a response to the practical needs of groups such as families or groups of friends. 

◦ Yooma functional offer is enriched by a host of services and additional offers  

The Parisian hotel will have: 

• a high quality gourmet restaurant which can seat 130 guests, open for lunch and dinner to guests and to Parisians
• a bar-lobby-lounge
• a cooking school

• a market garden on the roof
• areas for private or corporate events
• a residence for artists
• exhibition areas for contemporary art
• a fitness room with a sauna.
...enough to turn this hospitality offer from “a place to stay overnight”, to “a place to stay”. 

This abundant offer means that guests can alternate outings to enjoy the city's attractions with spending time in the hotel for rest and relaxation, taking a break that will leave them feeling renewed and refreshed. Yooma will be offering packages such as "hospitality/cooking classes", "Family festival/hospitality."

For families that won't necessarily be able to take everyone along every single time to visit the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay, Yooma is a way of organizing your stay with multiple activities.

For Pierre Beckerich, "proposing new kinds of hospitality offers that are adapted to clients traveling with their children and to blended families has become a necessity for the hotel industry if it wants to provide a relevant response to a demand stemming from a significant customer segment”.

Inside the hotel, everything is designed to provide pragmatic solutions for these customers:
• bathrooms equipped with baby bathtubs
• a kitchen on each floor is available for preparing or warming up baby food and bottles
• The hotel application enables adults to keep an eye on the children in the rooms while they 
dine at the hotel restaurant or enjoy cocktails at the bar. 

Young professionals traveling with friends love taking short trips all over 

Europe thanks to the development of low cost airlines. This new way of traveling needs a response from the hospitality industry: managing the transportation and accommodation budget in such a way as to be able to fulfill the goal of the trip, be it cultural, sports related or gastronomic... 

In terms of expectations with regard to accommodation, this group will be looking for a very urban and affordable offer because of the limited duration of their stay and their focus on specific areas of interest. This age group is looking for a level of comfort and services that is adapted to the lifestyle of young European urban adults. 

The comfort level offered by Yooma, in some respects, is comparable to services provided by 4 or 5 star hotels. 

For this concept debut, Yooma chose the designer Ora Ito to be the project's artistic director. Daniel Buren is contributing to a strong aesthetic line, moving away from conventional reinterpretations of standard approaches in hotels. 

Yooma boasts:
• 4 400 sq m on the Beaugrenelle esplanade facing the Maison de la Radio
• non-dividable rooms for 2, 4, 5 or 6 guests
• total investments in the amount of ca. 30 millions euros
• room price calculated on the basis of the room's capacity, with the price per bed at around 
• a disruptive concept in the hospitality market which aims to expand its DNA beyond Paris 
into the main European and French urban hubs, such as Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Lille and Bordeaux, by reinventing its urban presence, depending on circumstances, to focus on its two most singular features: its unique accommodation approach and its vision of what a place to stay could be

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