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New 'Bamboo Massage' set to launch at  The Spa in Dolphin Square in January

The Spa in Dolphin Square

An earthy addition to the treatment menu at the Moroccan inspired spa

With the change in seasons, the cold winter weather can take its toll on the body, both inside and out. The Moroccan-inspired Spa in Dolphin Square is harnessing the qualities of bamboo this January, with the launch of a new innovative and unique massage treatment. Designed to nourish the skin whilst enhancing the circulatory and lymphatic systems, the 45-minute “Bamboo Majorelle” incorporates massage techniques using sustainably sourced heated bamboo rods.

Acting as an extension of the therapist’s hands, the long gliding strokes of the warm bamboo heats muscles, allowing for deeper and firmer massage, while the nourishing Shea Butter oil deeply hydrates the skin.  

Believed to symbolise strength, fertility, prosperity and peace in the Orient, bamboo has become one of the most coveted beauty ingredients in recent times, and, in keeping with the spa's Moroccan inspiration, the Bamboo Majorelle pays homage to the fruit picking rituals of Morocco. Traditionally, long bamboo canes were used to beat down ripe olives from high branches.   

From tree to treatment room, the olives are incorporated into the spa's 'Savon Noir' soap, a combination of black olives and eucalyptus, which is used along with hot towels to cleanse the body.

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