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Team building with a difference at Ashdown Park Hotel

Quad Biking at Ashdown Park Hotel
Escape from the mundane and treat your company to a team building day with a difference in the heart of the Ashdown Forest.
Located within a 1½ hour drive of London, the hotel is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. The four-star countryside retreat offers businesses the perfect setting to build strong and lasting team connections with both traditional and quirky teambuilding packages set within its 186 acres of grounds in the Ashdown Forest.

The hotel offers a wide range of activities including traditional country pursuits such as clay pigeon shooting, falconry, gun dog handling and geese herding. Anyone looking for an activity that will get the heart racing and the blood pumping can try the hotel’s range of motorised activities such as a quad bike safari, blindfold driving, segways and drifting experiences.

Alongside these activities, the hotel also offers businesses a selection of tasks and games specifically designed to strengthen and develop those all-important team relationships:
Spider’s Web

‘Spider’s Web’ involves the team working together to negotiate their way through a spider’s web with the aim being to get to the nest in the middle, solve a cryptic challenge and get back out of the web, encouraging problem solving and collaborative thinking.


This activity presents a make-believe scenario whereby participants play a team of relief workers transporting a container of life saving serum with the final obstacle being to overcome a minefield. The team must negotiate the dangerous ‘mines’ and work together to transport the precious cargo safely to complete this tricky task that promotes the ability to stay calm and composed in high pressure situations.

Egg Ballista
In this fun activity, the team must construct and build an egg launcher that will fire further than the other team. The hotel provides teams with a variety of different materials and utensils to build their launchers and they must decide how to achieve the furthest launch and win the game.

Requiring patience and focus, teams playing meltdown must work together to split a large quantity of volatile liquid into 8 stable units. However, it is not as simple as it sounds as the teams only have three uneven containers and one protective glove each to take on the challenge.

Holey Tube
This aptly named game is a fast-paced problem-solving test involving team members retrieving a canister from the bottom of a tube without touching either the tube or the canister. To complicate matters further the tube is covered in holes, meaning the team cannot simply fill the tube with water but must instead work together to find a solution.

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