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New aromatherapy wellness weekend at Le Guanahani, St Barths

Le Guanahani, St Barths
Le Guanahani is launching Essence to Essence: A Festival of the Senses, that will take place 26 – 29 January 2017.    
The three-day program, which includes five engaging scent workshops and daily meditation to heighten one's sensitivity and outlook, will be led by Nick James and Chaya Mueller Bronstein. Both are innovators with extensive backgrounds in the natural healing arts.

James is the award-winning founder of Body Bliss, a spa-dedicated company born of his lifelong interest in meditation, vibrational medicine, natural wellness and healing modalities to help people understand and benefit from the transformative science of aromatherapy. Bronstein is an intuitive healer and owner of Chaya Sedona Psychic Readings and Massage, and uses massage, psychic reading and meditation to help clients gain clear vision and new perspectives.  

Essence-to-Essence participants will learn the fundamentals of blending, creating personal remedies and dabbling in natural perfumery to create their own unique fragrances and therapies. Each day begins with morning meditation, and participants may book individual intuitive readings with Bronstein, including Gypsy Tarot, Palm Reading, Chakra Reading and Couples Reading.   

Other highlights of the wellness weekend include:
• Scent with Intent: An Introduction to Aromatherapy – A two-part, hands-on workshop for guest to learn how aromatherapy can be a force for healing and positive change. This hands-on experience uses unique and engaging software to explore the world of aromatherapy, and participants leave with body cream crafted to their personal intentions. 
• Essence-to-Essence: Your Personal Scent – Guests discover how different aromas can reveal aspects of inner nature. They will learn to embrace themselves through the subtle medium of scent, guided in a search for the single essence that best suits them.
• Essence of Sleep: A Good Night Ritual of meditation at the end of the day to help you have a good night sleep. 
• The Perfumer’s Apprentice: The Art of Natural Perfumery – Guests learn the basics of creating natural perfumes and create a personal scent. 

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