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Stop the Drop! One in three meeting attendees are falling asleep

Hilton introduces Meet with Purpose to UK hotels to encourage higher levels of productivity through healthy food and energised practices for meetings

The afternoon drop in productivity across the nation’s meetings attendees is a well-known occurrence according to a recent survey, with 44 percent of respondents confirming they feel less productive between 2-4pm.

A recent global survey by Hilton, which uncovered the habits of British, German and U.S. meeting attendees, revealed that over one in three (34 percent) admitted to feeling drowsy or falling asleep during meetings after lunch. 

Key reasons for the afternoon slump for Brits correlate with meetings that fail to provide nutriouts and energizing food or adequate breaks that allow attendees to be active. Supporting this, Hilton’s international survey shows that most meeting attendees consider themselves active and healthy in their daily lives but more than half don’t maintain this routine when on the road for meetings.  

Brits show themselves to be truly addicted to their phones and laptops during meetings with over half sending unimportant emails or texts, one in five playing games or checking the latest sports scores.  

Despite the drop, a staggering 86 percent of British meeting attendees recognise that activities as simple as a quick walk or mid-afternoon stretch help them overcome the slump and improve productivity. When it comes to food, 80 percent know that a heavy lunch reduces afternoon productivity and 72 percent of respondents prefer locally sourced, healthy lunches. Meeting attendees need a productivity boost but this is not presently offered.  

Today Hilton extends Meet with Purpose to more than 400 hotels in Europe and UAE, including all UK hotels, following a successful introduction in the U.S. last year. The programme aims to address the needs of meetings attendees with a range of solutions to overcome productivity issues. Meet with Purpose offers meeting and event professionals with solutions to seamlessly and cost-effectively plan meetings with nutritious meals, exercise and sustainability elements.  

What does Meet with Purpose offer to event and meeting planners?
• Mindful Eating – Commitment to meeting professionals to help them focus their menus on quality food over quantity - favouring seasonal produce, local ingredients, balanced dishes and sustainably sourced food.
• Mindful Being – The expert advice to introduce active moments into meetings when the drop is taking hold, as well as access to health clubs and spas, where available.
• Mindful Meeting – Reducing environmental impact and monitoring carbon footprints of meetings through Hilton’s LightStay Meeting Calculator.  

Michael Poux, General Manager of Hilton Bournemouth, UK says: “Hilton’s research validates a challenge we’ve heard often from customers: Meeting attendees are eating healthier and exercising more frequently and want to maintain this lifestyle while travelling for business. Add to that, the business benefits of productive meetings when delegates are energised and refreshed. With thousands of meetings taking place every day across more than 4,700 properties worldwide, we are pleased to be able to make an impact through the introduction of Meet with Purpose. With this program, we are reinvigorating meetings to boost business outcomes, enhance attendee experiences and exceed client goals through our customisable programs with even more menu, exercise and sustainable solutions."

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