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Raffles Seychelles moves ahead of island's Hotel Classification program to put more emphasis on local cuisine

Joerg Roterberg, the General Manager of the Praslin Raffles Seychelles, and his team have moved ahead of the official Hotel Classification program to put more emphasis on local cuisine as they launched their new restaurant menu. Mr. Roterberg this week presented Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for tourism and Culture, with a copy of the resort's new menu for their “Losean Restaurant."

Present at this meeting at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture ESPACE Offices in Victoria, was Anne Lafortune, the PS for Tourism. The new Raffles Seychelles menu has a Seychelles flag next to every item marked as “Locally Authentic" and that is Creole Seychellois or that is deemed to contain 75% or more of locally-sourced and organic products. The Hotel Classification program provides for 5-star properties to have a dedicated Seychellois Creole restaurant or to have Seychellois Creole dishes on their menu. The same requirement is to show “couleur locale” in the hotel from staffing to décor, music and dancing.

The new Raffles Seychelles has some classic dishes such as Creole Octopus Salad, to Local Millionaire Salad, among many other dishes such as appetizers to Fish Rougaille, and Fricasee Octopus appearing in a long list of main course dishes.

Minister St.Ange has welcomed the Raffles Seychelles initiative saying that Seychelles moved since the last couple of years to put its culture at the center of its marketing and that culture is also food. “When we moved to say that we needed to embrace our culture and place it at the center of our marketing and sales strategy instead of just sun, sea, and sand, we meant our culture in all its form and that includes our unique cuisine. More importantly also is that when we embrace our Seychelles culture, we are putting our people at the center of our tourism development," said Minister St.Ange.

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