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Macdonald Hotels install lifesaving equipment

With cardiac arrests cited as a leading cause of death in the UK, Macdonald Hotels is aiming to give its over one million annual guests the best chance of survival, if this happens, by installing lifesaving defibrillators at all 45 of its hotels.

60,000 people die every year in the UK from cardiac arrest, where the heart suddenly stops working, according to British Heart Foundation, and research shows those who suffer a cardiac arrest are 38 per cent more likely to survive if they receive CPR and defibrillation.  

Macdonald Hotels, the UK’s largest independent hotel group, is one of the first in the UK to install defibrillators at all its hotels and has partnered with Green Cross Training to deliver first aid training and sessions to familiarise staff with the equipment. The easy to use machines, approved by the British Heart Foundation, automatically identify if an electrical shock is needed to restart a person’s heart and cannot be used on someone who does not need one.  

Macdonald Hotels regional managing director, Derek McDonagh, said; “Macdonald Hotels’ decision to become one of the first hotel companies in the UK to install and train staff to use defibrillators could mean the difference between life and death for someone having a cardiac arrest at one of our hotels. We welcome hundreds of thousands of guests every month and we felt it was our duty to provide this life saving equipment.  

“It can take several minutes for an ambulance to reach one of our hotels and this £47,000 investment in lifesaving defibrillators could reduce the amount of time someone who has had a cardiac arrest has to wait for defibrillation.”  

Macdonald Hotels golf ambassador, Stephen Gallacher, has a very personal reason to support the defibrillators being installed. In 2013 Stephen’s 64 year old uncle, the golfing champion, Bernard Gallacher was saved after he suffered a cardiac arrest during an event at a hotel as the venue had a defibrillator. Stephen said; “My uncle wouldn’t be here if there hadn’t been a defibrillator on hand and my whole family is so thankful that the machine was available on the day. Installing defibrillators is a fantastic idea, so many people come through Macdonald Hotels every day and it will set people’s minds at ease just knowing that there’s one in the building.  

“I’ve seen them used a couple of times and I know how invaluable they are, for me, it just completes what is already brilliant service offered at Macdonald Hotels.”  

Macdonald Hotels Ltd celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and operates over 45 hotels across the UK and ten resorts in both the UK, Spain and Portugal.

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