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CUT at 45 Park Lane is first restaurant in Europe to serve Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu Beef

Wolfgang Puck’s modern American steak restaurant, CUT at 45 Park Lane, located at Dorchester Collection’s contemporary Mayfair hotel, will be the first establishment in Europe to serve Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu Beef on the menu from July 2016. Wolfgang Puck will be joining executive chef David McIntyre in London to launch the new beef as part of a special tasting dinner on Tuesday, June 28.

CUT at 45 Park Lane’s founding chef Wolfgang Puck commented: “Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu Beef is the best marbling wagyu livestock outside of Japan. It is sweet and buttery, but it also has a rich beef flavour that is very unique - it is the best of ‘East meets West’.”

By managing the cattle process from start to finish in a closed loop production system, Snake River Farms ensures the high quality of their American Wagyu Beef, a cross of Japanese Wagyu with American Angus. Their Wagyu herd included the top marbling bull in the United States (Fukutsuru) as tested by Washington State University, and their Tajima line Wagyu genetics originate from Hyogo prefecture in the Kobe area.

Located in Idaho, Snake River Farms’ cattle are fed on average three times longer than regular cattle. The beef is highly marbled with a buttery sweet, strong beef flavour, has a high concentration of beneficial omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, and contains a proportion of up to three times higher the desirable monounsaturated fats than other beef.

Snake River Farm’s owner, Robert Rebholtz, Jr commented: “We chose CUT at 45 Park Lane to launch with in Europe because it has a reputation for sourcing the very finest meats. It was the first restaurant in London to bring back Japanese Wagyu Beef after the export embargo, and Wolfgang Puck was also one of the very first chefs to serve Snake River Farms’ American Waygu Beef when we launched in the United States almost 15 years ago.”

On Tuesday, June 28 CUT at 45 Park Lane’s chef founder Wolfgang Puck will host an exclusive evening with executive chef David McIntyre inviting guests to a unique opportunity to taste and compare beef sourced from around the world, launching Snake River Farms to Europe and talking guests through the different cuts and tastes. The highlight of the menu will be a tasting plate of steak from four different producers, paired with signature fish, pasta and salad dishes and wine from Wolfgang Puck’s own vineyard. Tickets will be priced at £180 and the evening will begin with cocktails at 7pm, followed by a sit down dinner at 8pm.

A breakfast dish of Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu steak paired with huevos rancheros will be added to the breakfast menu. Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu Beef, will be available in all cuts, including fillet, New York sirloin, and rib eye and priced from £68 and above per piece, or as part of a Tasting Dish priced at £82 and in ‘Steak and Eggs Wolfgang Style’ at breakfast priced at £68.

CUT at 45 Park Lane is renowned for its exceptional sourcing, and offers outstanding steaks, a superb wine list and impeccable service. From prime dry and wet aged beef to salads, and succulent pan-roasted lobster, sautéed and roasted whole fresh fish, the menu provides wide appeal. A carefully crafted wine list complements the menu with distinct international selections and a natural emphasis on American wines.

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