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The Peninsula Beverly Hills partners with ENVi to bring innovative waterless car washing services to the luxury hotel

The “On Demand” carwash company will operate on site, seven days a week to provide guests with eco-friendly precision car detailing in a socially responsible way.
Amid California’s historic drought, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is delighted to announce a partnership with ENVi to offer an environmentally sustainable car wash and detailing service. The socially responsible company offers the “World’s Best Car Wash” with an emphasis on preserving the environment.

“A traditional car wash uses 47 gallons of water and contributes to water pollution in the environment,” explains ENVi CEO Chad Zani. “Our wash requires only 8 ounces of our locally produced, biodegradable cleaner. In one hour, your car is cleaned, waxed and coated with a special UV protectant that leaves a brilliant shine and longer lasting clean that a traditional wash.”

Zani’s company is also committed to empowering the hearing-impaired community in Los Angeles. Car washes are performed by deaf individuals and the entrepreneur hopes to create 10,000 new meaningful employment opportunities for deaf Americans.

“At The Peninsula Beverly Hills, our priority is to deliver the highest standard of luxury in a sustainable and responsible way,” adds Managing Director Offer Nissenbaum. “Our partnership with ENVi is a seamless extension of our commitment to taking proactive measures to aid our water-stressed environment.”

Waterless carwash services will be available at The Peninsula Beverly Hills from April 1, 2015. Prices start at $40 and a portion of every car detail sale is donated to, a non-profit organization, founded by Gary White and Matt Damon, dedicated to creating water equality worldwide.

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