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Hotusa Hotels adds 113 new member hotels in first quarter of 2016

The top consortium of independent hotels in the world according to HOTELS magazine is consolidating its international expansion with 88 new establishments outside of Spain, 40 in Italy, 23 in France and the group's debut in Cambodia.

In the first quarter of 2016, Hotusa Hotels grew its portfolio, adding 113 new member establishments, 25 in Spain and 88 in a total of 29 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. With these latest incorporations, the Grupo Hotusa consortium of independent hotels has consolidated its position in Spain while reinforcing its global positioning and expansion, which has made it possible to incorporate its first hotel in Cambodia.

Noteworthy among the new incorporations are the 40 new member hotels in Italy and the 23 that have joined in France, a destination where Hotusa Hotels now has more than 300 member establishments. In Spain, the autonomous communities with the greatest number of new members so far this year are Catalonia and Madrid with 4 each, followed by Andalusia and Galicia, with 3, and Valencia, Castilla La Mancha and Castilla León, with 2.

By country, the new Hotusa Hotels member establishments are in the following locations: Argentina (1), Belgium (1), Cambodia (1), Czech Republic (2), Chile (1) Colombia (4), Costa Rica (2), Croatia (1), Ecuador (2), United Arab Emirates (4), Slovakia (1), United States (5), France (23), Netherlands (1), Hungary (1), Italy (40), Lebanon (1), Luxemburg (1), Mexico (4), Peru (2), Portugal (10), United Kingdom(1), Romania (1), Russia (1), Seychelles (1), Switzerland (1) and Turkey (7).

Hotusa Hotels is now the number one consortium of independent hotels in the world according to US magazine HOTELS, with more than 2,700 member establishments in 26 countries in Europe, 13 in the Americas, 7 in Africa and 6 in Asia. The Hotusa Hotels strategy is based on a portfolio of establishments of different levels and categories located in top tourist destinations.

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