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InterContinental Budapest - First Green Globe Certified hotel in Hungary

InterContinental Budapest, Hungary
The InterContinental Budapest has always been a pioneer in the Hungarian hotelier market in terms of its green commitment. In 2016, it maintains its status as the very first hotel in Hungary to receive Green Globe Certification.
Green Globe provides certification, training and education, and marketing services in 83 countries worldwide. The Green Globe Certification Standard is based on internationally accepted criteria developed during the 15 years of the Green Globe program. Green Globe Certification is recognized worldwide as an established sustainability certification program. The process of harmonization contributes to maintaining core criteria and at the same time addressing regional issues through the adoption of locally developed standards.

InterContinental Budapest was first certified in 2013 and has been continually re-certified each year through to 2016.

Mr. Claus Geisselmann, General Manager of InterContinental Budapest said, “Receiving this certification three years in a row is a great acknowledgement that the hotel is following the right path that leads to a sustainable future.”

“We have undertaken many changes that enable us to act in a more responsible manner toward meeting the requirements of the program. Our Housekeeping team has changed to using Eco-labeled Diversey cleaning products, 100% energy efficient lighting has been installed throughout the hotel and motion sensors, which turn off lights automatically after 5 minutes, have been placed in all corridors and along floors. Moreover, since September 2015, we have managed to become a 100% non-smoking property. In addition to these measurements, we have committed ourselves to replacing all the existing Exit signs with LED lighting and will install a new air conditioning system by the end of this year,” added Mr. Csaba Almási, Director of Engineering.

For many years, in line with its social responsibilities, InterContinental Budapest has contributed towards its neighborhood and the community. Hotel staff participate in clean-up activities at different local parks in and around Budapest each year. And the property organizes student tours that focus on sustainable hotel management for a local hospitality school. Furthermore, a garage sale is held yearly at the hotel with furniture, decorations and kitchenware that are in good condition on sale. The event has proven very popular amongst employees and is also an effective way of recycling and reusing items.

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