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Chiva-Som pioneers new health retreats to address five key conditions

Internationally acclaimed health resort Chiva-Som in Thailand continues to pioneer wellness travel with the launch of five new retreats designed to address specific health issues.  With wellness and longevity at their core, the programmes support treatment of specific conditions including  cancer (Cell Vitality), migraines (Cranial Relief) and high blood pressure (Tension Release), as well as assisting in the management of stress (Emotional Wellbeing) and excess body weight (Sustainable Slimming) – all of which can often be managed through diet and lifestyle interventions.     

Ever in tune with guests’ requirements and with the benefit of 21 years in operation, Chiva-Som’s ‘retreat’ concept now offers 13 collections of treatments and therapies with specific health objectives, which give guests a foundation on which to build a personalised programme.  The five new retreats have been developed in response to patterns in the requirements of guests, with increasing numbers looking for support for these conditions. 

The following five brand-new retreats require 10 night’s minimum length of stay:
Cell Vitality
This retreat has been carefully created to support guests who have recovered or are in remission from cancer, with the programme fine-tuned by wellness experts for each individual guest.  A selection of nurturing and non-invasive treatments is accompanied by a gentle exercise programme to promote physical and mental wellness and sustain cellular health; and a dedicated dietary plan designed to stimulate the appetite.  

Cranial Relief
A dedicated retreat for guests who suffer from migraines and life-disrupting headaches.  The programme combines holistic and physiotherapy treatments, including meditation to promote balance and stability, specific exercises that promote cranio-facial muscle relaxation; and a dietary plan of fresh, organic and nutrient-rich foods.    

Emotional Wellbeing
Created for guests who feel over-stressed or lack energy, this retreat is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.  A holistic approach includes acupuncture, mind and body therapy and functional exercise classes; these are combined with coaching in healthy eating, regular fitness and a stable sleeping pattern to equip guests with the tools to control stress, mood and overall wellbeing.  

Tension Release
Unlocking the ability to escape tension-causing routines is key to discovering true inner peace.  This retreat is carefully designed to help guests who suffer from high blood pressure regain a restorative balance in life.  Through nutritional consultation, they will discover simple steps to controlling salt intake, maintaining a healthy weight and the appropriate use of dietary supplements that can help support cardiovascular health.  Personalised fitness activities can enhance energy and reduce weakness and fatigue, providing a clear path towards long term tension release.  

Sustainable Slimming
Designed to help guests effectively lose weight and begin a journey towards a healthier lifestyle, the retreat includes a comprehensive programme of physical activities to help reduce body fat in a controlled and healthy way.  Chiva-Som’s culinary team supports the programme with nutrient rich cuisine, while physiotherapists work with each individual to correct posture and increase flexibility.  Upon completion guests will be empowered with the necessary skills and knowledge to sustain optimal weight going forward.  

In creating the retreats, the health and wellness team at Chiva-Som takes into account the latest research and a review of the most effective programmes and treatments, as well as questioning potential outcomes.  The results of different synergistic combinations of treatments with exercise have a positive impact not just on the physique but on the attitude and sense of empowerment of the individual. This underpins Chiva-Som’s continued commitment to offering every guest a key to transformation through experiential learning, to ensure lasting inspiration that will help them maintain positive changes as part of their lifestyle. 

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