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Designer Hotel "SHIBUYA HOTEL EN" set for Grand Opening in Tokyo in February

SHIBUYA HOTEL EN, Tokyo, japan
The world-famous Japanese culture mecca of Shibuya will be seeing the grand opening of "SHIBUYA HOTEL EN" in Tokyo on February 5, 2016.
This hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the go-to area for Japanese fashion, pop culture, and entertainment, and also within walking distance from Yoyogi Park. Sharing the same atmosphere as the stylish boutique hotels in the West, it is also infused with the culture of Japan and Shibuya. We await guests from all over the world.

The hotel has a concept of "Something Can Happen." This hotel is designed to offer anticipation, excitement, surprise, and the unpredictable. Enjoy elements of Japanese culture, Shibuya pop culture, or even a sight that could be straight out of a movie.

Once you step into our universe from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, you will sense something quite indescribable and what the Japanese have valued throughout the ages - the oneness with nature, tradition, and style. Offering a distinct world for each of the 9 floors, this hotel will serve as nice respite from all the "incredibleness" of Shibuya and pull you right into the serenity of our guest rooms.

Leave reality and convention behind for a world that will inspire you with new ideas and values. We hope your stay with us will re-energize you for a richer tomorrow.

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