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Worldhotels partners with GuestDriven

Hotels are improving in implementing revenue strategies to sell their rooms. However, hotels can drive further sales through targeted offers to guests after they have made a room booking. There are on average 430 transactions in a hotel every minute around the world and 20% of the guests who hold a reservation are placing a purchase additional to their room booking - if hotels provide suitable options and the correct platform and technology.

Hotels need to make use of digital commerce, online retailing and the mobility of the today's customer. As a result, it is necessary for hotels to have a second look at merchandising and targeting "Millennials" as their customer section, as they form a large traveller section and other demographic groups are highly influenced by their buying behaviours. The importance and involvement of mobile on and in their lives is significant.

Mainly, in-stay merchandising starts at the point when guests are in the post-booking, pre-arrival stage. Here guests, especially "Millennials", require assistance and will go for offers as long as they are priced reasonably, and fit the indulgence. Therefore, hotels will need to place a successful merchandise strategy via mobile also and need to intensify their Mobile Marketing Automation approach. Over 60% of guests wish to order additional room services with their mobile phones.

Worldhotels wants its hotels to benefit from the world of merchandising. Nevertheless, all initiatives should improve the guest experience hence should be guest driven. This is why Worldhotels is partnering with a leading guest engagement platform, GuestDriven. "Worldhotels is always looking to elevate guest experiences in an increasingly mobile-first digital world," said Carina Stegmayer, Vice President Global Operations. "We see immense value in pre-empting some of the needs and desires our guests might have and delivering the offers in a way that they are most comfortable and receptive to; via their mobile devices." GuestDriven CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Zebrowski-Rubin adds, "We are very excited to be working with Worldhotels to drive unique experiences and higher revenue with the thousands of guests staying at these world-class properties every day."

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