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Campanile Hotel Birmingham sees trade soar

Angel Resmella Hotel Manager
The wide range of events held in Birmingham and the recovering economy has seen a trade at a city hotel soar over the last 12 months.
The Campanile Hotel Birmingham, based in Aston, has seen its room business rise by 23 per cent in the last year, and numbers are still growing.
Commercial and corporate business at the hotel, which has 110 rooms, grew sharply across the year while leisure and private bookings have increased in the second half of the year

Manager Angel Resmella, who moved to the UK from Spain to run the hotel in August, said advanced bookings for 2016 indicated the trend would continue. He said: “Our commercial business has grown steadily as the economy has recovered from the recession and we have welcomed several new companies to the hotel throughout the 12 months. “They are often staff of large national and multi-national companies who use Birmingham for staff development because of its location.

“But while companies have been starting to invest again in sending staff on training, there is a time lag before that translates into cash in people’s pockets and we have noticed that hitting home in the last months of the year.

“We have had a sharp uplift in recent weeks with weekend booking for events such as the Rugby World Cup game, events at the NEC and, we believe, the German market.

“Our Friday and Saturday night, trade has risen particularly in the latter part of the year and we have encouraging booking over the holiday period, including Christmas Day.

“We have had guests coming from as far afield as New Zealand and Korea this year and the all-round offer that Birmingham has is something we push hard to all our guests.

“As a newcomer to the city I have been so pleasantly surprised at what there is to offer and I am hopeful that the upward trend in booking will continue.”

Campanile Hotel Birmingham was opened in 1990 and is spread across four floors including standard twin, double and family rooms and guests can also take advantage of free parking. Onsite conference facilities that can accommodate up to 270 delegates. It employs 38 staff.

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