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J Plus Hotel by YOO proudly presents “The Nadeshiko”, by celebrated Irish urban-contemporary artist Fin DAC

Hong Kong’s most art-centric and trailblazing design hotel, J Plus Hotel by YOO, wows the art world once more by welcoming up-and-coming movers and shakers in the international art realm to Hong Kong.  On last Friday, 20th November 2015, it unveiled its latest collaboration alongside celebrated Irish urban-contemporary artist, Fin DAC, with an exclusive print showcase of his recent solo exhibition: “The Nadeshiko”. 

The new pop-up exhibition shines the spotlight on 10 of his most iconic street art pieces, created for his show in Venice, California and re-envisioned for this show using a unique printing format on bamboo and brushed aluminium.   

Though Fin DAC’s work can be seen on walls, boats and rooftops on four continents of the world, his first-ever solo show “The Nadeshiko” only launched in June 2015 and was a complete sell out.  Exclusively collaborating with J Plus Hotel by YOO, to introduce this same body of work to the trendsetting and art loving audience in Hong Kong, affirms the hotel’s celebrated and respected role within the art world.  

A self-taught artist hailing from Cork, Ireland, Fin DAC has made a name for himself in the street art world in a relatively short amount of time.  He is known for an atypical paint/stencil style which confronts the norms of the visual language of street art.  He dubs this method “Urban Aesthetics” - his modern-day take on a 19th century art movement.   

In April 2012, Fin DAC painted the first of his now famous ‘Urban Girls’: “A Pleasure Unknown”, in a small side street on the famed Brick Lane in the artsy district of Shoreditch, East London.  Next on the list were similar murals in the heat and humidity of Colombia as well as the cold of Warsaw, Poland as he continued his journey around the world, from the desert heat of the Salton Sea to the calms of the French Countryside.  

The imagery of “The Nadeshiko” is a culmination of a 3 year phase of the street artist’s life.  The work hints at the notions of ordinary women depicted as superheroes.  Pan-Asian and Latina female characters with monochromatic skin tones are the anchors in which Fin Dac’s stories unfold.  But splashes of bright colour emblazoned across a wild mix of traditional ethnic style and high-end Western fashion, coupled with those brightly coloured ‘superhero’ masks, give each of the women in the series an individual story.  The fashion they wear: from headdresses, necklaces, bracelets, to impossible hairstyles and tattoos perpetuate an air of mystery, as if each of the women in the paintings has more to reveal.  

Celebrating the rise of urban-contemporary art, and inspired by Fin DAC’s ‘urban aesthetics’, the exhibition perfectly complements J Plus Hotel by YOO’s design elements, which comprises of eye-catching bursts of dynamic street art.  Lasting until 28th February 2016, Fin DAC’s exhibition is not to be missed.  

[email protected], the dedicated art space located on the ground floor of J Plus Hotel by YOO has garnered a strong following for its launch of pop-up exhibitions in late 2014, which features creative collaborations with The Cat Street Gallery.  The success of [email protected] and the attention it has brought to the art world affirms J Plus Hotel by YOO’s position as an avant-garde design hotel, mixing art, aesthetics, and hospitality in what is a first in Hong Kong.  

“We are excited to be showcasing Fin DAC’s ‘The Nadeshiko’ exhibition at J Plus Hotel by YOO.  We conceptualised [email protected] to celebrate vibrant art which not only complements our style and aesthetics, but also tell a similar story to our own,” shares Ms Vivian Chau, General Manager of J Plus Hotel by YOO.   

“Each character that Fin DAC creates has a secret story, paralleling our own secluded identity, reflected in our discreet location tucked away in one of the most energetic districts of Hong Kong,” continues Ms Chau.  “We particularly loved how the characters within the series meld with the style of our ‘street art’ design vibe - a key component of our brand positioning.”  

“Apart from the desire to unlock the mystery in each of the women represented in Fin DAC’s work, what sets him apart from other street art muralists is the way in which he represents the female figure - particularly the acute attention he gives to the ornaments and make-up which gives each character a level of depth that is rarely seen.  Fin DAC’s obsession with detail is what captivates an audience: much like the care to detail that J Plus Hotel by YOO is known for, both in its service and design.”

  J Plus Hotel by YOO is located at 1-5 Irving Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. 

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