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The Montcalm Hotel selects Exponential-e to bolster experience for hyper-connected guests

Resilient, reliable and burstable connectivity to support business processes and meet customer demand

British cloud and network provider, Exponential-e, has been selected to incorporate a powerful 10 Gig Ethernet wide area network (WAN) and internet connection into the design, infrastructure and services of luxury London hotel, The Montcalm Hotel in Marble Arch.
Through the partnership, The Montcalm Hotel will offer superfast, uncontended internet services to meet guests’ expectations for omni-present connectivity. 

John Kyrillou, sales director at Exponential-e, explained the significance: “The Montcalm London Marble Arch prides itself on offering a luxury experience in one of London’s best locations and is renowned for the five star service that it consistently delivers. In an industry that competes on exceeding expectations, delivering a powerful internet connection is key to meeting the demands of hyper-connected guests, with a survey by showing that free connectivity is one of the top three most important hotel amenities. Guests at The Montcalm London Marble Arch will benefit from the ultra-fast speeds on offer and it will be the first hotel in the UK to offer a 10 Gig internet connection as standard.”  

Using its wholly owned network, Exponential-e is delivering a wide area network (WAN) that connects all of the 18 sites in The Montcalm hotel group. The Marble Arch site’s 10 Gig network has the agility to quickly share information and respond to customer demands. In line with this, the WAN will be combined with high bandwidth connectivity that is delivered using a single piece of fibre to offer clients a scalable internet connection. The high-capacity, low latency bandwidth will ensure that the flagship hotel has the flexibility to cope with peaks in network usage to meet the needs of its guests, events and business processes.  

“We now have connectivity that is on a par with large media organisations or broadcasters, which is unheard of in the UK,” explained Phil Harmer, hotel and leisure expert at The Montcalm London Marble Arch. “Exponential-e provides us with visibility into the level of internet traffic running over our network so that we have the flexibility to scale bandwidth up or down to reflect the facilities that our guests are using and the number of applications running over our network. For example, when we have conferences, video calls and live demos happening simultaneously, bandwidth can be instantly increased to meet demand whilst ensuring that all hotel guests benefit from a rich user experience.”  

The scalable infrastructure will allow The Montcalm London Marble Arch to portion off a dedicated section of its bandwidth for operations. In addition, since all services sit on the clean side of the firewall, the hotel can be reassured that it is offering customers a secure network that is compliant with PCI DSS regulations and able to safely transmit customer data. The Montcalm London Marble Arch is set to be the first hotel that is fully operational on the new infrastructure, with it being rolled out to six more hotels within The Montcalm Luxury Hotels group next year including its newest hotel in London’s Tech City.  

“Throughout the entire selection process, the support team at Exponential-e has been very hands on,” concluded Phil Harmer. “Exponential-e’s technical expertise has proved invaluable in creating a robust launch plan that has ensured we’ve experienced a smooth transition. We now have the foundations of a solid partnership and look forward to extending our work together in the near future.”

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