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Full Moon Yoga comes to riverside in Bali at Four Seasons Resort Sayan

Full Moon Yoga at Four Seasons Resort Sayan, Bali
Full Moon Yoga has come to Bali in a dramatically beautiful location, offering the unique experience of performing Moon Salutations on a river-edge wooden platform surrounded by ricefields and the lush Sayan Valley forest.
Perched on the banks of the sacred Ayung River at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan, the new Dharma Shanti River Terrace provides a breathtaking open-air venue to extend upon the resort’s uplifting wellbeing and yoga programmes, with dynamic new classes.

A highlight of this is the Full Moon ‘Purnama’ Yoga, a first for Bali in a spectacular river-edge setting, under the glow of the full moon and twinkling stars.  

“Every full moon, or ‘purnama’, is a sacred day in Bali, when Balinese-Hindus honour ancestral gods and thank them for their protection with offerings and ceremonies across the island,” says Luisa Anderson, Regional Spa. “This is intended to counter negative forces and replenish our vital energy. Our new Full Moon Yoga programme is inspired by the uplifting energy of this important day on the Balinese calendar, enabling guests to honour the 'yin' or divine feminine side with Moon Salutations, to counter balance the 'yang' or masculine nature of classical Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) of day yoga.”  

Moon Salutations are believed to cool-down fiery impulses and ‘hot’ emotions, allowing creative energy to flow. The first Full Moon Yoga was on 29 August, and the programme continues at 7.30pm on each full moon: 28 September, 27 October, 26 November, and 25 December when it coincides with Christmas Day. Sessions are complimentary for in-house guests of Four Seasons Resorts Bali, while non-resident guests are welcome at a rate of Rp300,000++ (approx. £14) per person.  

In addition to the Resort’s weekly wellbeing programme, it also offers an exclusive series of international yoga masters-in-residence, with the next ‘yoga masters to the stars’ featuring Summer Dien (5-10 October and 12-17 October) and Faye Riches (9-21 November). The visiting masters bring their own individual styles for guests to further develop their own practice, complementing the Resort’s own classes.

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