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The Goring is awarded its first Michelin star

L-R: Olivier Clausse - Head Sommelier;  Shay Cooper - Executive Chef and Mikko Jappinen - Restaurant Manager
The Dining Room at The Goring has been awarded its first Michelin star in The Michelin Guide Great Britain & Ireland 2016 - one of only four London restaurants to be awarded their first star. The Guide’s editor, Rebecca Burr, said:
"The food at The Dining Room at The Goring is a really pleasing mix of British classics and lighter, more modern dishes, all prepared with great skill and understanding."

Chief Executive Jeremy Goring says: “We’re delighted and honoured to be recognised by Michelin for what we are trying to achieve. It’s only taken 105 years. Mikko Jappinen and his front of house team are, in my view the best in London. They deliver consistently excellent, engaging service to our guests, often with a dash of humour and always with discretion. They are fabulous human beings, as is Olivier Clausse and his expert sommelier team.  

Shay - sometimes it looks like Shay’s just dropped a collection of amazing British ingredients on a plate. He hasn’t; every element of what he does is a study, and each piece of the whole must justify itself- there are no themes here. All of this is underpinned by Shay’s deep understanding of British food and produce. The result is beautifully nonchalant, with unforgettable flavours at the core.  

His Cornish fish broth is a saffron-infused outrage of ocean flavours - pretty and vibrant without being poncey. The kedgeree served with his cod is a crackling explosion of toasted rice that never loses sight of its colonial origins, but is also pure titillation. And his duck ham toast (served with guinea fowl) would make a Moorish prince say “By Goodness, this is moreish!”   David (Morgan-Hewitt) and I are lucky to have him and his extremely committed and fiercely talented crew of incredible chefs and kitchen porters.  

Of course we are pleased, but most satisfying of all is the fact that we've received this fabulous accolade whilst resolutely focussing on one thing; delighting our guests.  In this sense you could say that the Michelin star is a lovely accident.”

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