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Club Sandwich Index 2.0 uncovers dining costs worldwide

Geneva is the priciest city for a club sandwich and a full day of hotel dining
The Club Sandwich Index (CSI) continues to uncover the dining costs of hotels worldwide with its annual price barometer, the Club Sandwich Index. This year, the elevated report by – the CSI 2.0 – added three more hotel dining items to make the Index a more comprehensive indicator for guests to understand the costs associated with a full day of hotel dining in hotels worldwide.

Bogota bags best bang for buck while Geneva offers a more pricey menu. Based on findings from the CSI 2.0, Geneva is not only the priciest city for a club sandwich, but the Swiss city has also topped the charts as the most expensive destination to enjoy a full-day hotel dining experience (£56.53), while Bogota, Colombia is the most value-for-money destination with an average price of £19.60.  

The improved CSI report incorporates the prices of four main dining options available to hotel guests throughout the day:
1)     A CLUB SANDWICH for supper
2)     A BURGER MEAL, consisting of a burger, fries and soda for lunch or dinner
3)     A cup of COFFEE for teatime
4)     A glass of HOUSE RED WINE for post-dinner drinks  

The average prices are calculated from real prices (including taxes and fees) paid by guests for all four items in 30 hotels, in the capital or an important tourist city of the 28 countries surveyed, across 5-, 4- and 3-star hotel categories.   

While hungry travellers can get the most bang for their buck in Bogota, which clocked an average dining cost of £19.60, Rio de Janeiro (£22.28) and Buenos Aires (£26.26) also gave the Colombian capital a run for its money with their affordable dining costs.  

Hotel guests in South Korea paid the most to get their caffeine fix, with Seoul dominating the list for the priciest cuppa at £6.34 on average. Interestingly, patrons to a 5-star hotel in Paris found it more expensive to indulge in a glass of house red wine (£15.01) than club sandwiches in 19 other cities, including New York City, Dublin, Sydney and Berlin!

Carolina Annand of the brand said, “ continues to enhance our customers travel experience with the elevated Club Sandwich Index, by providing travellers with an insightful and comprehensive price comparison guide and giving them a more accurate overview of the costs associated with a full day of hotel dining. The findings from the CSI 2.0, coupled with the wide range of hotel options available on our website allow travellers to easily locate a hotel that suits their budget – while some may indulge in a burger meal in a hotel in Geneva, other guests may opt to kick back with a glass of house red wine at less than six times the price in Bogota!”

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