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NH Collection Eurobuilding hosts first ever holographic press conference

NH Collection Eurobuilding by NH Hotel Group hosted the first-ever holographic press conference in the cinema industry, organized by Sony Pictures to present its new film ‘CHAPPIE’ to the Spanish media. The 3D holographic telepresence technology installed at the Madrid hotel allowed actor Hugh Jackman and film director Neill Blomkamp to attend the event holographically from the Group’s nhow Berlin property.   The level of reality of the holographic versions of the two actors was said to surprise observing journalists.

“The nature of ‘Chappie’, a film with highly technological and innovative concepts looking at the future, required also technological and innovative ways to be presented, and we found NH Hotel Group was a good partner to help us do something that integrates both these ideas: the first holographic press conference in the history of cinema,” said Iván Losada, Managing Director of Sony Pictures Releasing in Spain. “In entertainment, our business, not only the content is important but also the format, and the holographs have been the perfect sample: our message multiplied the attention received thanks to the surprising way it was communicated. This is probably just the first of many holographs in our industry.”  

Extraordinary Experience
The presentation was in real time which enabled the journalists to interact with the actor and director of the movie (more than 1,800 km away) in the same way as if they both were physically present in Madrid.  

The holographic telepresence technology used for this event is based on the projection of a HD image on a reflective surface which rebounds to a transparent film where the hologram with a 3D effect appears. This is a pioneering and revolutionary service in the hotel sector that can be applied not only to high impact events and conventions, but also for presentations that want an innovative and surprising staging.  

A Company where the future is already present
NH Hotel Group is the first hotel chain to develop a holographic telepresence system that allows people to be in multiple locations in real time. At this moment, this technology is being implemented in NH Collection Eurobuilding in Madrid, nhow Berlin and NH Collection Constanza (Barcelona). The service will also be available in 9 different destinations in the near future, enabling a futuristic way of connection and demonstrating NH Hotel Group’s firm commitment to creating extraordinary encounters, which defy distance.

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