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Wild Wadi Waterpark earns Green Globe certification in Dubai

Green Globe has announced Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai, UAE, as its first certified waterpark world-wide for sustainable operation and management.
Scoring 84% against all criteria on its in augural certification, Wild Wadi Waterpark Manager Chris Swatz said, “Being awarded with Green Globe certification is an achievement for our guests and the community we live in. It was made possible by the passion and enthusiasm of our employees and actually went beyond what we can imagine to be an amazing team-building event. Green Globe Certification has also been a great exercise in identifying the additional areas and opportunities for savings and to plan for the right investments in POMEC and CAPEX.”

Approximately 85% of lights at the waterpark are energy saving CFL or LED and the Engineering team has also installed voltage optimization to lower the voltage consumption throughout the facility. The next stage of energy efficiency is an investigation into energy (enthalpy) wheels for improving energy transfer across the attraction’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

Wild Wadi has also been one of the early adopters of the Definder filter by Neptune Benson, a filter that ensures the highest quality of water purification for safe water recycling. The filter removes over 99.9% of cryptosporidium in a single pass and saves 25% of chemical consumption.

Green Globe Middle East Preferred Partner, Farnek Middle East LLC, has independently verified the sustainability achievement and Sandrine Le Biavant, Farnek Director Consultancy said, “In just one year, Wild Wadi has saved 9% on water consumption. They have also reduced their carbon footprint by 7%, by saving10% on cooling and 5% on kitchen gas consumption. We have tracked this benchmarking data via our Hotel Optimizer and can confirm that this is a remarkable performance.”

The Dubai based attraction is the only waterpark to be certified by Green Globe and its successful certification can be attributed to the dedicated staff who are focused on monitoring the key environmental indicators of water and energy saving and waste management, as well as maintaining an environmentally friendly purchasing policy for all products.

With respect to the local heritage, the waterpark shares local Emirati culture by creating the park’s theme from the much-loved Arabian folktales of Juha. The waterpark also introduces its guest to important local attractions including the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Culture Understanding and Jumeirah Beach Park.

To continue the good work, the waterpark has formed an internal Green Team to continuously create innovative activities that will further promote being environmentally conscious and maintain and improve the waterpark’s current sustainable activities and processes. The waterpark shares its innovations and information with the local community, including their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, and ensures accessibility to the waterpark for guests with special needs.

And finally, Wild Wadi is committed to purchasing environmentally friendly products and services from businesses such as Emirates Printing Press who utilize FSC and PEFC Quality certified paper. The waterpark also purchases organic locally produced vegetables and offers food options that include vegan and vegetarian menu items in their outlets.

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