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QHotels installs Guest Mood Monitor

How do you truly test customer satisfaction in your hotels? Award-winning hotel group QHotels has installed a Guest Mood Monitor, placed on reception at two of the hotel group’s hotels, Norton Park, in Winchester and The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort near Glasgow, to measure how guests are feeling when they check in and out of the hotel.

Although QHotels already measures customer satisfaction through post stay surveys, it wanted to look beyond this functional style of feedback to something more immediate and ‘emotional’ to learn even more about guests and develop the QHotels customer proposition further.  

The Happiness Barometer asks guests to rate their mood via an app on an iPad during check in and then asks guests again after their stay, capturing their feelings about their experience at the hotel to reveal any trends. QHotels is using the ‘Happiness Barometer’ as a way of understanding guests better so that they can better look after them.  

So far, 86% of guests at both The Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort and Norton Park Hotel who have used the app are checking out feel excited, happy or satisfied compared to just over 40% rating their mood as happy on arrival. The exercise also revealed:
• 71% of Norton Park’s guests felt positive ahead of the stay and this increased to 86% by the end of their stay
• 9% of guests arrived at Norton Park feeling stressed and this decreased by 66% by the end of their stay
• There is a slightly higher rate of positive feeling ahead of checking in at The Westerwood compared to Norton Park in Hampshire (74%) but guests had the same rate of positive feelings at the end of their stay at both hotels (86%)
• There was quite a high rate of checking in at both hotels in a negative mood (14% at Westerwood, and 17% at Norton Park).  This halves to 7% at The Westerwood and reduces to just 5% at Norton Park (less than a third of the rate at the start of the stay) on check out
• Figures from The Westerwood showed that although 11% of guests felt stressed before check in this had reduced to 0% by the end of the stay  

Claire Rowland, Director of Marketing at QHotels said “We’re always keen to hear about our guests’ experience and are continually looking for innovative ways to gain feedback.

“People are comfortable and used to using apps now, and we thought this was a great way to engage with our guests on a deeper level than just via an online survey.  

“We’re delighted to see that we’ve increased our guests’ happiness and satisfaction levels. We know this is down to our excellent customer services and fantastic leisure facilities such as our spas,  and health clubs. It’s also great to know that a high percentage of our guests arrive at our hotels feeling excited. This could be down to some of the fantastic industry awards we have received this year recognising our excellent service standards, including AA Hotel Group of the Year, being recognised twice by Which? as a Recommended Provider, or perhaps they are one of our many loyal returning customers.  

“Even those that visit us on business came away feeling better than when they arrived and this is a real positive for us.  

“This has been a trial and, of course, we will still learn more about our guests by simply talking to them, but we’re looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the year to help us continually shape our service, tailored to each guest. This could mean that if a guest arrives feeling stressed, we can offer them a relaxing treatment at one of our spas.”

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