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Best Western GB unveils four hotel rooms of the future

A significant date in Back to the Future II, 2015 is also proving to be an important year for the hospitality industry as Best Western GB created four hotel rooms of the future to inspire more than 281 independent hoteliers.  
The Inspiration Hotel, packed full of technological developments, was showcased at Best Western’s Annual Members Conference (AMC) last week in Wales. 

A global first, Best Western GB revealed LiFi’s capability within the hospitality arena. A 5G light communication system, LiFi is able to transmit data using light visible to the human eye and is set to put WiFi in the shade.  Not commercially available, this was first time hoteliers were able to see the technology up close and personal.  

The purpose built experience at Celtic Manor gave hoteliers a glimpse into a hotel stay of the future as well as the chance to see how a guests’ stay can be revolutionized.  No time machine, Tardis or old DeLorean needed.  

Some of the technology showcased included:
• LiFi (WiFi through room lights)
• A language translation watch for receptionists to wear to help with checking guests in
• A smart coffee machine that remembers guest orders
• A table that charges devices simply by lying them flat on the surface
• Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets in the rooms for guest entertainment
• Digital keyboards projected onto any surface for business travellers
• Smartphone payment
• Secure doors that only open via a guest’s individual smartphone
• Self-service check ins and outs
• 3D printer for guests to create any last minute essentials such as phone cases, cups or even shoes!  

According to Best Western GB’s CEO, Richard Lewis: “LiFi is the future for the hospitality industry therefore we are delighted to have showcased it for the first time. Our Inspiration Hotel revealed what’s just around the corner for guests and hoteliers, so it was incredibly exciting to bring the future of hospitality to our members and they absolutely loved the experience.  Now there are plans afoot to bring the experience to one of our member hotels for guests to experience as well.”  

Best Western GB holds one of the largest conferences for its hotel members every year. With 281 members, the conference provided opportunities for all Best Western hoteliers to hear from a range of speakers as well as experience what’s next in the world of hospitality.

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