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Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong now offers the power of unlimited connectivity for free

Redefining the way people travel with a handy Smartphone

Celebrate the extinction of data roaming charges whenever you check-in at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Gateway Hotel and Prince Hotel. A revolutionary hotel amenity is now available at all three Marco Polo hotels in Hong Kong: The handy is a smartphone for travellers with the power to keep guests totally connected while exploring the city.

It comes pre-loaded with bespoke software specifically designed for tourists visiting Hong Kong. The handy goes even beyond the traditional smartphone since guests can access the world digitally but also to stay connected with local events and receive exclusive ticketing offers or discounts. Savvy business travellers will definitely appreciate the invaluable service of receiving their incoming hotel room phone calls on their handy device which absolutely guarantees that no important calls are missed.  

The handy is a complimentary value added service for room guests featuring the following built-in benefits:
• Unlimited 3G mobile internet
• Unlimited local calls
• Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering to other mobile devices such as laptops and tablets
• Instant access to hotel concierge
• Popular social media apps are pre-loaded from Facebook to WeChat allowing immediate status updates and sharing travel highlights

Hong Kong dining & city guide and ticketing offers
The key highlight of using the complimentary handy smartphone upon checking in any of the three Marco Polo hotels in Hong Kong would be that guests can also receive exclusive offers ranging from hotel packages to restaurant specials. Insider coverage of the major events and signature highlights of Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel from the much anticipated Rugby Sevens to the Hong Kong Art Fair and the iconic German Bierfest will be featured in the handy device with push message notifications to keep guests constantly updated on all hotel happenings. Shopping promotions will also be second nature to Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel due to its ideal location in the heart of Harbour City, the city’s largest shopping mall with over 450 shops and around 50 restaurants.  

The top rated traveller apps are already pre-loaded on the handy device from currency converter, maps, and news services to iTranslate and other highly useful travel apps. Moreover, guests can also install any app of their choice from the Google Play Store since the handy device is based on the Android operating system.  

The fact that you can call the hotel concierge directly wherever you may be in Hong Kong to arrange personalised services from transportations to travel tips is a luxury beyond measure. Imagine enjoying the sights of Victoria Harbour from the Star Ferry and you suddenly decide to call room service in advance, so when you get back to your hotel, dinner is served in your room as soon as you return.  

The handy will be available as a complimentary amenity for room guests at Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel starting on 1 January 2015. Gateway Hotel and Prince Hotel will be offering the handy device effective on 15 January 2015.

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