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Mövenpick Hotel Deira receives Green Globe re-certification

Mövenpick Hotel Deira, located in the heart of Dubai has been congratulated by Green Globe for its commitment towards its environmental objectives and recent re-certification for their third year.
Anke Glaessing, General Manager of Mövenpick Hotel Deira said, “We are proud to announce our recent re-certification by Green Globe for yet another year. Mövenpick Hotel Deira cares about the community and continues to strive towards more innovative and successful practices for a better tomorrow. Our motto is to continue promoting sustainability through green practices within the hotel.”

As part of Mövenpick Hotel Deira’s Sustainability Program, familiarization with the hotel’s green management strategy including the promotion of water efficiency is provided to associates. The General Manager also conducts the GM’s Round Table Meetings that are held regularly for colleagues to share ideas on improving business. Environmental education programs in the area are supported and their creation encouraged through the hotel’s Sustainability Committee and membership with EEG (Emirates Environmental Group).

Mövenpick Hotel Deira strives to implement energy and water saving measures in all relevant areas. According to Hotel Optimizer benchmarking and utilities monitoring data compiled by Farnek Middle East LLC (Green Globe’s Preferred Partner) from January to October 2014, the hotel has saved 11% on water per guest night as compared to the same period in 2013. Water usage dropped from 268 liters per guest in 2013 to 240 liters in 2014. And energy consumption per square meter has also dropped by 9% from 343 kWh per sqm in 2013 to 312 KWh per sqm this year.

Throughout the hotel all hot and cold water, chilled water pipes and air conditioning ducts are insulated to reduce temperature loss. Self-closing doors at the entrance and exit to the hotel further reduces energy consumption. Toilets are fitted with dual flush cisterns and water saving aerators fitted to guest bathroom taps. Motion sensors are installed in public areas including public toilets to conserve energy. And all floor corridors, ceiling and wall lighting are LED with plans to implement more LED lighting in the hotel in the future.

Management and staff have contributed to improvements in sustainable practices in different operational areas within the hotel. Back of house offices and departments recycle or reuse paper products, old linen is re-stitched to be used as dusters and rags, and used oil is collected and recycled by a contractor. Furthermore, washable and reusable items are preferred in the staff dining room instead of disposable items. And to minimize water usage indoor and outdoor plants are watered during specific times. The promotion of the public transport system is also encouraged to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint with guests encouraged to use “The Dubai Travel Pass” offered by Concierge services.

Mövenpick Hotel Deira has a comprehensive communication strategy to educate guests on its environmental practices. Excellent guest feedback has been received through its VEOS (Video Enhanced Online Survey) that also serves as a means for management and staff to improve sustainable operations. Guests are informed about energy conservation and the hotel’s recycling program through in-house television programs. And Green Cards in rooms encourage guests to contribute to the hotel’s efforts to reduce water consumption by reusing towels and linen.

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