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Park Hyatt Tokyo launches dynamic art installation to celebrate hotel’s 20th Anniversary

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Leading Japanese artists invite spectators to feel a connection with the clouds and space through striking water piece

Park Hyatt Tokyo has announced the launch of “LIFE-WELL (Park Hyatt Tokyo version)”, a collaborative art installation created by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani in celebration of the hotel’s 20th anniversary year.  The installation will be housed in The Peak Lounge & Bar (41/F) and will be in place from November 13 to 24, 2014.span>

Droplets of water, welling up from below, will ascend the skyscraper and journey 41 storeys up to Park Hyatt Tokyo’s sky-lit atrium and materialize as a dynamic art piece.  Transformed into a superfine veil of mist, the droplets will move in response to notes and tones softly resounding throughout the lounge area.

Ryuichi Sakamoto remarks, “I have often daydreamt of filling the space around the bamboo garden on the 41st floor with mist, and having the droplets dance to the subtle changes in airflow.  I wanted to have digital sounds, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese sho flute, resound through the space in response to the shifting mist, accentuating its serenity.  These wayward thoughts were the catalyst for this installation. I hope that the artwork affords visitors the opportunity to feel a connection between the spaces either side of the expansive windows of the lounge.”  

The LIFE-WELL (Park Hyatt Tokyo version) installation is a recreation of the 2013 LIFE-WELL audio visual installation at Noda Shrine in Yamaguchi Prefecture that Sakamoto and Takatani conducted under the commission of Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM).  Both gentlemen have a deep respect for water and its use as a precious resource, and have collaborated on multiple occasions for the development of such artistic displays.  It is the hope of the artists and Park Hyatt Tokyo on this occasion to create an atmosphere that allows spectators to feel a connection with the clouds and space beyond the windows of the hotel’s lobby lounge.  Performances will take place every 30 minutes between 11:00 a.m. and 11:30 p.m., daily from Thursday November 13 through Monday November 24.

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