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The Manchester Burger celebrated British Food

The Manchester Burger celebrated British Food

Read about Macdonald Manchester Hotel’s monster creation

The British Food Fortnight has stimulated some novel ways of putting the emphasis on what British cuisine can offer. None was more of an innovation than a ‘Manchester Burger’ created by the chefs at the Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa.
How is it concocted?

Well, first take cuts of the best beef at the hotel’s Scottish Steak Club, aged for 35 days for top texture; then select some traditional Cheshire cheese and crumble it with Bury black pudding. Season it with a sauce made from Manchester-brewed Boddington’s beer; and bake a special brioche bun to (only just) accommodate the resultant medley of tastes.

However, if you are thinking of rushing over to add this to your gastronomic experience, it was only available during the two-week festival of food that ended on 5 October, 2014.

Paul Bayliss MBE, GM at Macdonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, is the chair of The Manchester Hoteliers’ Association. He says: ‘Burgers have become incredibly popular in the Manchester area, so there was no better way to celebrate British Food Fortnight than to get involved and create the ultimate ‘Manchester Burger’ that offered our guests a unique twist with a combination of remarkable local flavours.

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