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The Old Lodge Malton introduces body clock sleep service for ‘Larks and Owls’ 

The Old Lodge Malton in North Yorkshire is to ask guests when making an accommodation booking or at check-in whether they are ‘Larks or Owls’
The new question, as part of the reservation and check-in procedures is to allow the reception team to allocate the most appropriate room in the hotel dependent on guest’s sleep pattern preferences – i.e. whether they are either ‘morning’ or ‘evening’ people.

Sleep researchers have known for some time that there is some biological truth to the adage that people come in ‘morning’ or ‘evening’ types, also called ‘larks’ or ‘owls’. Now the hotel is putting this fact into a practical service that caters for the ‘type’ that guests consider themselves to be.

“Hotels are in the business of providing somewhere to sleep so it seems to me that it is our duty to find better ways for guests to get the best sleep possible. By taking a serious approach to their ‘type’ preference, we intend to improve the delivery of a good night’s (or good day’s) sleep at this hotel.” comments hotel director Tracey Holroyd. 

The hotel is preparing for the differing needs of ‘larks’ and ‘owls’ by planning staff levels to match the ‘type’ levels on any one night, for example, ensuring more breakfast staff if the majority of guests are ‘larks’.

“Accommodation is our core service and whilst many hotel companies boast about how good their beds* may be, we are taking a more scientific approach. It is our guests circadian rhythms that we want to know about so that we can be better prepared for them when they are at their best.” added Tracey.

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