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Royal Cliff Hotels Group recognises outstanding and long-serving employees

Royal Cliff Hotels Group long-serving employees
Royal Cliff Hotels Group recently honoured several employees for their outstanding achievements, long service and commendable customer service in a special ceremony on September 1, 2014. The awards were presented to the exceptional winners of the Pattaya Food and Hoteliers Expo 2014, Star Care of the Year Award and long serving employees that marked 20 years of continuous service to the company.

Commemorative tokens and certificates were presented by the management lead by Mrs. Panga Vathanakul, the Managing Director of Royal Cliff Hotels Group who thank the employees for their valuable and indispensable contributions to the hotel.

During this special occasion, two employees who have achieved multiple guest commendations and have demonstrated their commitment to hospitality and its high standard of service received the Star Care of the Year Award. Eight members of the staff from different departments also had their 20 years of commitment and hard work recognized when they received the commemorative long service award.

Royal Cliff also congratulated and awarded its outstanding participants in this year’s Pattaya Food and Hoteliers Expo 2014. They included the top scorers for the Theme Coffee Break Challenge and those who were runners up in the Freestyle Modern Plated Dessert Challenge and the Ms. Hotel Congeniality with the Best Floral Design Award. In recognition of these achievements, they were presented with cash tokens and certificates to acknowledge their exceptional performances during the competitions.

“Royal Cliff is proud of our employee’s continued commitment and loyalty towards the company.” Mr. Vitanart Vathanakul, Executive Director of the Royal Cliff Hotels Group said. “Our goal of continuously developing and improving our services and facilities could not have been achieved without their dedication and experience. Our employees’ enthusiasm and passion for delivering high standard of service has truly made us stand out in this competitive industry. As one of our most valuable assets, we recognize and take pride in their relentless pursuit of excellence in providing unmatched services to our worldwide guests.”

Situated on a 64 acre private parkland estate overlooking the stunning Gulf of Thailand, the Royal Cliff Hotels Group has been honored with multiple awards and recognition from organizations of national and international repute. Furthermore it is the only resort in Asia/Pacific to be elevated in TTG Travel Hall of Fame for 7 consecutive years. It is home to four award winning 5-star hotels offering a sensory experience defined profoundly by its style, culture and elegance - all presented with the distinctive spirit of the State of Exclusivity and Fascination.

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