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Ace Hotel London Shoreditch comes alive with design for London Design Festival 2014

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch will be a central destination during London Design Festival as Shoreditch Design Triangle’s official hub location and host to a series of design-focused installations and activities by Modern Design Review in the show ‘Super Stimuli’ throughout its communal areas. Fabrica will also present ‘Extra-Ordinary Gallery’, a study of ordinary things, in the hotel’s reception retail space. Ace Hotel is well known for its support of local commerce and culture – as well as innovative partnerships with local businesses, artisans and creatives.

After opening just under a year ago, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch proves it is firmly plugged into the local design scene by inviting new design magazine Modern Design Review to curate a show for London Design Festival 2014. Modern Design Review has worked with designers Fabien Cappello, Martino Gamper, Michael Marriott and Bethan Laura Wood to produce a series of installations.  

‘Super Stimuli’ refers to an artificial stimulus triggering an exaggerated response. In this case, the artificial stimulus created by a group of designers that Modern Design Review has charged with each interpreting an area of Ace Hotel London. The results might be installations of found objects, new designs or reworking’s of what is already there and are designed to provoke visitors to explore the hotel, leading them through the spaces and causing them to consider their impact afresh.  

The magazine’s unique editorial perspective is applied across the curated spaces and the themes and ideas that appear in each installation are references to topics or ideas that the magazine is currently pursuing. Laura Houseley, Editor-in-Chief, says: “We have found a great collaborator in the Ace Hotel London. Ace Hotel already has a great understanding of design and has commissioned brilliant London talent to contribute to their spaces over the past year. Rather than pretend we were walking into a blank space we thought we would celebrate what is there already and exaggerate it in a playful way. This is our home town and we are especially keen to demonstrate the depth and substantiality of the design work happening here. We are thankful that some of London’s very best designers have agreed to be involved, it is proving to be an exciting, joyous project.”

Italy-based research workshop and studio, Fabrica will also present ‘Extra-Ordinary Gallery’, a study of ordinary things at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch.  

Designed by a team of young product designers, graphic designers, architects and illustrators and entirely made in Italy, these objects are reinterpretations of daily rituals that are made special through attention to detail. Their formal simplicity, shapes and materials become a tribute to the beauty of basic and small pleasures in life. Common actions such as hanging a picture on a wall, a morning exercise or having drinks with friends are rendered a little bit more special than they already are; domestic, yet exquisite.  

“Ace Hotel London Shoreditch felt like the right place for Fabrica to exhibit its first daily objects collection designed by young international upcoming designers, produced in Italy. We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Ace and we share a passion and commitment for creativity which rests at the heart of both brands. For this project, we briefed the team of designers to analyse our habits with an everyday, humble object – be it something found in the home or something used on a daily basis and reimagine the object through a design detail, bringing an extra-ordinary touch.’  Sam Baron, Design Director, Fabrica.

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