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‘Mindfulness moments’ focus provides antidote to modern hurry at The Old Lodge Malton

The Old Lodge Malton in North Yorkshire
‘Mindfulness Moments’ is to be introduced at The Old Lodge Malton in North Yorkshire in a move to help guests to enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable stay.
Mindfulness is a way of calming and connecting yourself, improving your awareness and shutting out negative thoughts. It does this without the kind of snobbery that might be associated with transcendental meditation.

Mindfulness feels rather like yoga without the physical postures. At its most basic it involves being still, closing your eyes and paying attention to your breath. When your mind wanders you try to bring it back. This is far more powerful than it sounds and much harder, for it is really about leaving behind the anxieties that plague us.

“The Old Lodge is a place where guests can practice mindfulness because we provide the space where people can take advantage of our stress free environment and especially the extended lawned gardens that are just perfect for easing anxiety. When guests tell us how relaxed and refreshed after a stay with us, I believe they have had a taste of ‘mindfulness’.” comments hotel director Tracey Holroyd. 

The hotel is also encouraging guests to adopt a technique recently pioneered in schools called ‘dot be’, which is shorthand for ‘stop, breathe and be’ which claims to help people in a variety of situations, whether in be facing business challenges, bullying or getting ready for a presentation in a conference or a sporting performance.

“By having a focus on ‘mindfulness moments’ guests, both business and leisure, will leave relaxed and ready for their next challenge.” added Tracey. 

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