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Explore the thriving city of Chengdu with Dorsett Hotels & Resorts 

Chengdu is a fascinating city to visit. Comprising bustling side streets, sprawling green spaces, cobbled alleys and cyclists in abundance, the city is the perfect amalgamation of China new and old. Contemporary touches add a youthful vibrancy to Chengdu, with bars, clubs, retail outlets and an absolutely thriving gourmet scene.

Yet on further inspection, a scattering of cobblers, weavers and old-time artisans punctuate the surface of the metropolis, reminding visitors of past traditions and their continued influence on the city. Dorsett Grand Chengdu is the perfect spot from which to enjoy the city. Offering impeccable service and great facilities, the hotel offers guests the utmost in true Asian hospitality.  

Dorsett Hotels & Resorts is one of the 3 hotel brands of Dorsett Hospitality International, Asia’s leading hotel group with properties in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore and, since June 2014, the UK. The numerous hotels perfectly embody the multicultural spirit of the brand, offering visitors an affordable and stylish hotel experience in some of the world’s most exciting cities.

Dorsett Grand Chengdu is a spacious and welcoming hotel, ideally situated in the lively Luoma Market area of the city. With the bustling Chunxi Road and renowned Chengdu sports centre mere moments away, and with metro stations just across the road, the hotel’s location and accessibility is hard to beat. The décor is contemporary, stylish and innovative throughout, with panoramic views of bustling downtown Chengdu. The spacious lobby and hotel beyond are adorned in crystal lights, with airy and light spaces throughout the entire hotel. Three impressive dining establishments offer delicious traditional Chinese flavours, one of which has a live cooking station sure to add an extra sense of occasion to dining proceedings. Impressive sports facilities ensure that any over-indulgence can be rectified!

Beyond the hotel, there are endless attractions to explore. From visiting famous characterful alleyways to hiking through the beautiful Qingcheng Mountain, read on to discover more.  

Wide & Narrow Alley
Kuanzhai Alley is a must-visit destination in Chengdu, and one of the biggest highlights of the city. Comprising three pedestrian alleyways, it gives a wonderful glimpse into the varied lifestyles of Chengdu. From traditional to modern, Chengdu’s various ways of life are well represented. Alongside this slice of history, the alleyways emit a very international vibe, with a range of unique restaurants, teahouses, clubs and spas lining the pavements. Beautiful traditional buildings create a welcoming environment where visitors can happily while away the hours and soak up the ambience, while modern touches give the area a contemporary edge. This is a true local experience that should not be missed.

Mount Qingcheng
This spectacular site is well worth a visit for anyone looking to combine historical sightseeing with a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Located 68 km outside the city, the mountain covers 200 square km and is divided into two main sections. The scenic area boasts rivers, peaks, woodland areas and numerous historic temples. Mount Qingcheng has been a celebrated Taoist site for centuries, and is believed to be one of the first birthplaces of the philosophical and religious tradition. Once a pilgrim destination, the Front Mountain offers guests a spiritual experience, with legendary temples and an incredible history. Climb the mountain and one cannot fail to be transported back to traditional China, with influences and traditions of the past still overwhelmingly present. The Back Mountain offers an active alternative, with hiking trails, endless streams, extensive woodlands and incredible views.  

Cycling through Chengdu
Chengdu boasts a constantly growing culture of cyclists. Embrace the laid-back nature of the city and explore the city at speed. With incredibly cheap rental rates, cycling is a hugely popular and fun way to get around Chengdu. The city is wonderfully flat, making it especially inviting for cyclists. Beyond the city, the rolling hills and spectacular mountains are within easy reach, where the winding trails make for a thrilling excursion on this actively encouraged form of transport. Dorsett Grand Chengdu is conveniently located on a street lined with high-quality, good-value cycling shops. With the equipment right on the doorstep, there is no reason to avoid this mode of transport.  

Mahjong Museum
The Mahjong Museum is a fascinating slice of Chinese history. Mahjong is an enthralling game of skill, strategy and luck. There are various myths surrounding its origins, for example that the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, developed the game around 500 BC. The three dragon tiles within the game are said to represent the three cardinal values held dearly by Confucius; benevolence, sincerity and filial piety. Historians, on the other hand, believe that Mahjong is based on an old Chinese card game, Mǎdiào, which dates back to as early as the Ming dynasty. Whatever its origins may be, Mahjong is a widely played and keenly enjoyed game throughout Eastern and South Eastern Asia. The museum relocated to Chengdu in 2013, where it now proudly stands as a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. The original museum was founded in 1999, and since then has gathered more than 30,000 collections celebrating Mahjong culture and its history.  

Nightly rates at Dorsett Grand Chengdu start from approximately £54.40 per night.

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