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Designer health with new Medi- Spa at The Culloden Estate & Spa, Belfast

Belfast’s leading 5-star hotel The Culloden Estate & Spa has announced their collaboration with industry leaders in beauty and wellness to offer a new range of ground breaking treatments. In addition to the incredible range of therapies already on offer at the hotel’s spa, a new ‘Medi-Spa’ has been launched in conjunction with Randox Health, Room One Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic and The Cathedral Eye Clinic.
Taking a Swiss style approach to spa treatments, the Medi-Spa will offer the latest in specialised beauty and wellness treatments, ensuring that clients are privy to cutting edge technology and innovations.

The Spa at the 5 star Culloden Estate and Spa, is Northern Ireland’s premier sanctuary for both body and mind.  An oasis of tranquillity where ancient rituals and modern remedies are fused to create the ultimate wellbeing experiences, The Spa has evolved to offer an extensive and exclusive range of lifestyle packages. These highly personalised health assessments incorporate cutting edge technology and offer innovative diagnostic testing to assess health in depth and detail.  

Many of the lifestyle packages are based on current common ailments resulting from our ever busy and stressful modern day lives. Designed to address key issues packages such as Stress Health TATT (Are you tired all the time?) evaluate the potential medical conditions behind persistent fatigue, whereas Diet Nutrition and Digestions, examines individual nutritional needs, empowering individuals to take control and adjust their lives accordingly. Women’s packages, 50+ packages and Health and Fitness packages are designed to provide everyone with the tools to achieve personal, optimal health levels.

Continually evolving to incorporate new tests as they are released from the Randox Laboratories, the lifestyle packages ensure the latest breakthroughs in health and wellbeing are immediately available to clients at The Culloden Estate and Spa. The Health Lifestyle Packages start from £275.

In addition to the treatment of existing conditions, a selection of over 300 diagnostic tests are available.  Comprehensive preventative health assessments allow the identification of any early or underlying symptoms of ill-health from a minimal blood sample, which combined with expert consultations can result in early diagnosis and successful prevention. Individual health panels can be selected to target areas of specific interest, for example focusing on nutrition, metabolism, an individual organ, hormones or digestive issues. These tests allow key insights into individual health issues to directly target and improve future lifestyle choices. Individual Health Panels start from £35

Set in the luxurious surrounds of The Culloden Estate & Spa, dedicated experienced physiotherapists, work closely with physicians and surgeons to ensure individuals receive the best in expert treatments and programmes. An extensive assessment and diagnostic programme ensures that each injury is fully explored and understood, to prevent pain from returning and to restore optimal movement and function.  

In addition to offering thorough assessment and diagnostic procedures, the spa is able to offer treatments for a myriad of ailments including acute and chronic neck and back pain, sports injuries, arthritic pain, rehab following surgery and fractures and repetitive strain injuries. The expert team deals with any immediate physical issues by restoring and balancing the body; whilst also offering long term solutions to underlying issues, which may be preventing full rehabilitation. Personalised physiotherapy sessions, treatment options include mobilisations, massage, Sarah Key techniques, aquatic and exercise therapy and acupuncture are also available.

Hastings Hotels has partnered with The Cathedral Eye Clinic to provide specialist laser eye and refractive surgery to clients at The Culloden Estate and Spa’s ground breaking Medi-Spa. Professor Johnny Moore is a world renowned specialist in laser refractive surgery and along with his team at The Cathedral Eye Clinic Belfast will be collaborating with The Culloden Estate and Spa to offer clients the latest technology in retinal screening. The Clinic is able to make use of the latest research in ophthalmology due to its active role and research partnership with the University of Ulster. This extensive medical expertise enables the clinic to examine and treat eye an incredible range of conditions using techniques such as 11D eye screening.  

The Clinic, working to the highest levels of both safety and science showcases the most advanced procedures available in the world today, offering a whole new world of sight for clients who may not be suitable for standard refractive surgery .These world class clinical facilities are at the forefront of research and development and their range of incredible restorative treatments will now be available to clients at The Culloden Estate and Spa’s Medi -Spa.   Prices for individual treatments available on request.

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