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Food for thought in Stockholm at Miss Clara

Miss Clara, Stockholm, food
Since its opening in April, Miss Clara has been carving out a name for itself in Stockholm’s highly competitive culinary scene. With executive chef Danny Guest of Operakällaren fame at the helm, the hotel’s restaurant is serving up reinvented classical Swedish cuisine with international influences. With a conceptual focus on holistic and wholesome, all dishes are meticulously balanced, not only in terms of flavor profiles, but nutritional values as well. Equally scrupulous, the bar is revamping the very concept of a cocktail, implementing scientific techniques in the creation of its drinks.

Working in collaboration with Swedish bar specialists Liquid Management and multi award-winning bartender Robert Radovic, the team at Miss Clara – which includes bar manager Joel Constantino – has reinvented old classics much like the hotel itself. The ‘Ice Program’ is an innovative way to enhance rather than dilute a cocktail. As the flavored ice cubes melt, herbs and spices are released into the drinks creating new tastes and aromas, making every sip different from the last. Cocktails featured on the menu include Clara’s Margarita, a mixture of tequila, Cointreau, citrus and pink grapefruit, and Blood & Sand, an infusion of Scotch, Cherry Heering, sweet vermouth and orange. 

All of the cocktails served at Miss Clara are made using fresh homemade pressed juices infused with herbs and served over ice which is pre-carved to suit the dimensions of the glassware. The process is a labor of love, with testing done to achieve the perfect balance between the sweetness and acidity levels of each drink. Signature drinks include Rob Rad, a mix of Scotch, Punt e Mes Italian vermouth, Cherry Heering and absinthe, and the Sunday School, which consists of tequila, Amaro Montenegro and vermouth.
Not only do Radovic and his team work to create the best cocktails, they’ve also teamed up with chef Danny Guest to handpick a ‘living list’ of wines and beers that work in harmony with food served in the restaurant, pairing each dish with a specific beverage. 

The menus at the 80-seater street-level restaurant – now with outdoor seating directly on Sveavägen Boulevard – take inspiration from typical Swedish dishes. Using the abundance of fresh local ingredients, Guest and his team are reinventing traditional Scandinavian food with an international twist. Where possible, ingredients are organic and sourced locally, ensuring every helping served at Miss Clara meets Guest’s award-winning standards. Meat is sourced from farms on the island of Gotland, where the free range livestock graze on a diet of hay and grass, free from synthetic chemicals. Vegetables and herbs are incorporated into Guest’s recipes depending on the time of year and availability, staying true to the principals of ‘eating with the seasons’. The entire menu is free from refined sugar and flour as well as ‘unnatural’ additives. Dishes include porchetta of Swedish pig with caramelized fennel and watercress, organic smoked salmon served on a bed of homemade potato salad, and gluten free carrot cake sweetened with agave and stevia. 

One of Stockholm’s most treasured Art Nouveau buildings is reborn. In its most recent incarnation, the former Ateneum girl’s school has been transformed into the Miss Clara, a first class property from Sweden’s dynamic Nobis Group. Built in 1910, the building has been lovingly restored under the direction of Gert Wingårdh of architecture firm Wingårdhs, with a palpable sense of heritage at its core. All 92 rooms follow the Swedish architect’s unique concept of an outward-facing property, where the windows facing Sveavägen Boulevard are treated as ‘center stage’. Here guests can expect a chic intermingling of marble bathrooms, retractable workspaces and contemporary riffs on the property’s Art Nouveau history via furniture pieces and installations.

Located just north of where Sveavägen intersects with Kungsgatan avenue, the hotel is based in the center of one of the most expansive focal points in the evolution of a new and more charismatic Stockholm City district. This bustling locale serves business travelers well – conveniently located for both Stockholm Central and Ostra stations – while leisure travelers are well-placed for the Royal Palace, Storkyrkan cathedral and the Nobel Museum.

Rooms start at SEK 1290

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