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Cultural cooking experience on the menu for Mövenpick Resort Petra guests

Guests at Mövenpick Resort Petra can sign themselves up for a unique opportunity to cook side-by-side with the resort’s head chef. The resort’s “Stay and Cook with the Chef” experience, gives guests an opportunity to roll up their culinary sleeves and learn how to prepare every detail of an authentic Jordanian three-course meal.

Abedrabo Twaissi, General Manager of Mövenpick Resort Petra, explains that the initiative is more than just a cooking lesson. “We want our guests to enjoy integrated and interactive cultural experiences while staying with us. This is a lively, first-hand journey into Jordanian culture and makes for unique memories.”  

“Most of our guests are here to visit the spectacular Rose City of Petra, a highlight of Jordan’s history. With this initiative we aim to add even more value to their stay, with an unforgettable cultural discovery that is filled with local culinary flair,” he continued.  

Among the venues used for this cooking experience, is the resort’s tearoom with its Lawrence of Arabia theme, wicker chairs, wooden floors and amazing views of the Petra Hills.  The chef will introduce participants to the special elements of local cuisine by explaining culinary traditions and the selected ingredients. A traditional salad, entrées of Mansaf and Maqluba, as well as specialty Jordanian sweets are on the creation menu.  

The classes are kept light-hearted and tailored to varying culinary skill levels.

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