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A ‘Jardin Potager’ in the heart of Paris

An urban kitchen garden at Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel

California is located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. And with it the experience of a Californian inspired fusion brasserie with its own kitchen garden and orchard. Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel’s new garden is a stunning 100% organic and sustainable addition to the hotel, both functional and the perfect place to escape from city life, whilst still offering fantastic city views, especially of the Eiffel tower.

The new kitchen garden at Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel is the brainchild of green-fingered General Manager Rene Angoujard, who having worked in international hotels all over the globe for his career felt the time was right for Paris to embrace the fashion for plot to plate feasting. Brought to reality by a team of expert urban gardeners the new jardin potager will provide the kitchen of Fr/ame brasserie with over 60 varieties of fruits and vegetables, ensuring a menu that evolves with the seasons.

Fr/ame is a French/Californian brasserie which embodies the spirit of the West Coast of America in a quintessentially Parisian setting; a new concept in dining where the curious can enjoy a new and very different experience. Fr/ame brings a radical American spirit and will inaugurate a new style of Californian dining into Paris, pioneering informal yet effortlessly cool eating. In a unique merging of two cultures, the kitchen garden is an equally unique statement, embodying functionality but also a modern appreciation of local, home grown, and organic foods.

Head Chef Ander Wigger comments, “It is a real joy to cook with such an eclectic range of fresh produce. It’s like going to the market every day where I can select the strawberries or the lettuce I want and that’s best to eat right now. It makes a real difference to our customers to know that everything is so seasonal and fresh on their plates and it’s an inspiration for us in the kitchen.”

The garden is formed of 20 2m2 raised beds in the middle, with 34 1m2 plots around the rest of the garden, interspersed with orchard fruit trees which will be ready for harvest in August. In total, the gardening team have used 200m3 of soil, meaning that a huge variety of seasonal produce can be grown. In the winter, 12 of the raised beds will be converted into polytunnels, meaning that regardless of the weather, fresh produce will constantly be provided.  

The kitchen gardeners are growing a remarkably broad selection of plants, all of which will go straight to the kitchen for use in Fr/ame’s dishes. In addition to many fruits and vegetables there is wide selection of aromatic herbs, from the classics like basil, lavender and parsley, to the less commonly used edible flowers, including borage, nasturtium and French marigold. The salad leaves and vegetables will make up Fr/ame’s salad of the day and the rest of the produce is used in dishes to add flavour and depth. Many of the fruits and herbs are used by Pullman’s cocktail mixologists to create cordials and syrups such as house infused thyme cognac and house sage infused vodka.  

Head Chef Andrew Wigger is also having fun experimenting with more unusual plants such as Tree Oignon, Topinambour, and Mertensia Maritima, an unusual herb that has a distinctive oyster-like taste.

The garden is committed to being 100% organic and eco-friendly, with its design based on the bio mimicry of ecosystems. Most of the garden waste s re-used as compost and the hotel has partnered with the INRA to totally imitate the soil life of ecosystems so as to develop a soil that is efficient as possible. This means the garden can supply premier produce for the kitchens, and huge biodiversity can be maintained to ensure the soil and eco-system maintains its equilibrium, which has environmental benefits beyond those of the restaurant.

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