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Holiday Inn Express launches The Holiday Inn Express Guide to Simple. Smart. Spot On. Speak. to encourage Brits to say what they mean without any of the increasingly customary jargon

Campaign launches as new research reveals that consumers are keen to see a return to speaking plain English

New research unveiled today by leading hotel brand Holiday Inn Express reveals that nine in ten Brits want others to express themselves more clearly and concisely, estimating they waste two hours a day on average – or the equivalent of one month a year - listening to overly complicated and unnecessary jargon. The research has prompted the hotel chain to team up with the Plain English Campaign to launch The Holiday Inn Express Guide to Simple. Smart. Spot On. Speak., as an extension to its commitment to keeping its own communications as straightforward as possible.

Despite the fact that nearly half of us confess to using jargon regularly in our communications, seven in ten admit to not knowing what so-called buzzwords such as ‘leveraging’, ‘running things up the flagpole’ or ‘touching base’ actually mean. The problem appears to be more acute in the workplace, where 57% of people identify having heard overly complicated lingo, compared to only 3% at home, with a brave 6% of people stating they think using complicated phrases makes them sound more professional.  

Mike Greenup, Holiday Inn Express hotels, Europe commented:   “From ‘leveraging best practice’ instead of quite simply saying 'learning from mistakes', to ‘circling back’ rather than merely 'replying', jargon is increasingly encroaching on our daily lives: according to our research it's more annoying than even the dreaded supermarket self-checkout. Our vision – or ‘blue sky thinking’ if you like – is of a world in which people say exactly what they mean, in line with our promise to our guests at Holiday Inn Express to deliver everything they need and nothing they don’t.  

“The Holiday Inn Express Guide to Simple. Smart. Spot On. Speak. is our way of helping our guests find this efficiency in their daily lives by providing some handy translations to the jargon we can all be guilty of using from time to time.”  

Steve Jenner, the Plain English Campaign, added:   “Since 1979, we’ve been on a mission to save the great British public from nonsensical jargon and misleading information, championing a return to plain English. We task ourselves with highlighting communication at its worst – but at the other end of the spectrum we are always heartened to see those who get it right and say exactly what they mean.  

“Holiday Inn Express is a great example of how putting consumers – or in their case guests – first, can save us all time and irritation. We’re proud to have collaborated with them on their Guide to Simple. Smart. Spot On. Speak. and encourage everyone to download the guide and join our cause!”

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