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Business Argument-settling service offered at Malton hotel

The Old Lodge Hotel Malton has introduced a new service for business guests that wish to settle their arguments in a neutral environment in privacy and with discretion.
The concept is based on the hotel’s history of the original loss of the large house on the site that was Malton Castle Garden and blamed on two sisters Mary and Margaret Eure who famously quarrelled about their inheritance and who could not agree who should live in the property.

It was taken down stone by stone and the stones divided between them by order of the Sheriff Henry Marwood in 1674. Only the Old Lodge remains.

“Arguments and disagreements are inevitable in business as everyone can have views that sometimes conflict with those around them and sometimes in the normal office environment there is little opportunity for debate or reason, which can then lead to friction and damage in some way or other. This is a great opportunity for business guests and conference delegates to share their differences in a neutral place and to use the relaxing and peaceful environment of the hotel and its grounds to reach a more positive outcome – or simply to ‘vent their spleen’ in a private meeting space.” comments hotel manager. Eileen Lowery.

A six-point guidance plan is to be provided so that guests can settle their differences in a constructive way and a separate ‘cool off’ zone will be available in the hotel grounds near the original Castle’s remains as a reminder of what can be lost when arguments fail to be settled.

The hotel is often booked for mediation service sessions in civil cases where the different parties need to remain in separate meeting rooms before meeting to settle their issues and the hotel’s layout lends itself to these arrangements.

“It may be that this approach will not work for some people but there is always the hotel bar where our 50 malt whiskies are displayed alphabetically. Starting at A (for Argument) by the time Z is reached guests may have forgotten what the argument was about”. adds Eileen. 

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