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186 rooms for one month for back-to-back groups

SANA Myriad hotel
SANA Myriad hotel booked by Hotel Republic client for car launch
Within Hotel Republic’s report of its record 2018 results (visit: hotel republic ltd) was mention of its biggest event to-date, worth an impressive £1.7m.
ITCM can now provide some further details of this. It was a car launch placed with a Hotel Republic principal, SANA.

It was held at the SANA Myriad property in Lisbon where a total of 186 bedrooms were booked every night for a month, plus a meeting space daily for 200 delegates. A new party of 200 guests was brought to the hotel every two days, back to back, staying over for two nights with catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Kai Schomann, founder of the UK representation service Hotel Republic in London, comments: ‘Such a nice event!’

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