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Contact: Nikki Mitchell
, Managing Partner

Address: 7 High Street
BH24 1AB - UK
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1425-461311
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

destinations UNLIMITED (commonly referred to as dU) was set up in 1989 to represent five DMCs (Destination Management Companies). We now offer 45 DMCs worldwide.

Choosing the perfect DMC partner to complement your business and help you achieve success is crucial.

Our objective is to help take the uncertainty out of destination & DMC selection; from providing the much needed introduction to the DMC at the initial proposal stage, to collating the information you require to present to your clients, right through to supporting you at the closing stages of your enquiry.

The useful benefits you will gain from utilising our services include the reassurance of working with tried and tested DMCs. The selection of the key contacts who ensure that everything runs smoothly in the destination and ensure that the best facilities are chosen at the right price is vital. Nikki points out that ‘a DMC can only join our family if they comply their criteria.

To begin with we ask for two client references, which help in evaluating their efficiency and flexibility. But then the vetting starts. We ask, for example, to see a copy of their liability cover, bank references and accounts, have a understanding of CSR requirements including risk assessment and crisis management, how long they have been in business. The majority of our DMCs have been represented by us for over 18 years and have the ability to respond quickly, greatly improving the possibility of you winning the business. That kind of vetting is an important benefit to clients and it costs them nothing’.

The additional advantages that you will gain from working with our Partner DMCs are as follows:

• A complementary and unbiased introductory service - allowing access to sample programmes, sightseeing & banqueting venues etc. via our website. This will save you hours of valuable research time and assist in maximising your business potential.

• Adherence to our exclusive Criteria – all of our DMCs must have been established for at least 5 years as a DMC. They must also adhere to all elements of our criteria, including response times (within 3 working days), the exceptional quality of proposals and the provision of important details, such as emergency numbers, Liability Insurance and other such essential checks to ensure they are financially secure.

• Prompt Enquiry Management & Follow-up Procedures in-house – we endeavor to manage your enquiry in-house at all times; not just from the moment we receive it, but also at other times to ensure that we are constantly kept up-to-date. Copying us in on your enquiry from the beginning allows us to reply to you within 3 hours during the working day and to ensure that our DMCs are adhering closely to the above mentioned criteria, THUS allowing us to follow-up on your behalf should you need further assistance.

We understand that choosing the right supplier for your worldwide special event has never been harder - destinations UNLIMITED is here to make that selection easier.

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