Park Plaza Riverbank gives you London

Park Plaza Riverbank
Sydney Paulden reports on a central location with great facilities
London is an irresistible attraction to organisers and to their delegates everywhere in the world. The problem, however, is that they can be overwhelmed by the choice: which of the hundreds of conference hotels and unusual venues to select for an event?

That is why it can be an advantage to start by getting in touch with the 20-storey Park Plaza London Riverbank Hotel.- 17 above-ground and 3 below.

First, it has two large function spaces. The Ballroom holds as many as 650 theatre style and the Plaza Suite can seat up to 550 or it can be divided to create 10 separate syndicate rooms. These large spaces are symmetrical, pillar-free and have 5-metre high ceilings. They can be used in conjunction with each other, one for a conference and the other for delegate dining, for example The Large exhibits, such as new cars for a launch can be brought in easily from a dedicated goods entrance through wide doors. They have recently been completely renovated.

Knowing how important it is to allow numbers of delegates to move around simultaneously, the hotel was designed with a total of 19 lifts, of which three are exclusive to the conference areas.

In addition, a major benefit is that there are actually five Park Plaza Hotels clustered conveniently together in central London, each with its own purpose-built conference facilities. Within a kilometre radius of the Riverbank property, there are the Park Plaza Victoria alongside Victoria railway station, the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge facing the Houses of Parliament across the Thames, The Park Plaza County Hall and the most recent Park Plaza Waterloo, both on the south bank of the Thames near Waterloo Station.

They are close enough to assist in accommodating any overflow of delegates for large events and, of course, they can check with each other for availability to meet an organiser’s required dates.

I enjoyed being a guest at Park Plaza London Riverbank. Visitors from anywhere in the world would not fail to appreciate its location in the heart of London and with breathtaking views across the Thames.

It has over 600 rooms and the Executive categories on the 12th floor are conveniently close to the Executive Lounge and its self-contained City Suite.

This was the venue for a stimulating session devoted to what is known as the Elevator Pitch. A specialist presenter, Ros Taylor, took us through a series of steps that culminated with Ros accompanying each one of us in an elevator from the 15th floor to the ground floor in 30 seconds, during which time we succeeded in telling her who we were, what we did and what we saw as our special skills.

Imagine the value that delegates could gain from such an approach to networking! It could also teach presenters a thing or two!

F&b is a service that Park Plaza regards as a speciality. Eating at the hotel’s Chino Latino Restaurant is not just a dining experience but an adventure, like experiencing a new art form in taste and vision. Allow enough time to enjoy it thoroughly. The service is speedy, but the menu is extensive. It offers a pan-Asian cuisine with not just a European twist but also the input of the chef’s own ingenuity. After Chilean-style beef, apple mousse sounded straightforward enough as a dessert, but it arrived in the form of what appeared to be a real apple untouched since being plucked from the tree. When touched with a spoon, however, it turned out to be crafted from mousse concealing a filling of mixed fruits.

It follows that the food available for conference delegates is not conventional fare. The hotel has just announced a new concept of Brain Food ‘designed to stimulate synapses for a more focused and productive brain.

The menu, which is part of the hotel’s Science of Meetings campaign, means that guests can wave goodbye to boring breakfasts and lacklustre lunches and fuel themselves with everything from Goat’s Curd and Pickled Cucumber Jelly Roulade with Avocado, to Organic Goji Berries and Raspberry Spheres with Flax Seed Crumble instead. Hydration is key to keeping the brain awake, so the hotel’s Sour Cherry Immunity Boosters, Manuka Honey Organic Shots and Coconut Cleanser with Coconut Caviar provide a delicious way to boost brain power. They set us apart and add to the appeal of choosing the hotel for business events.’

The new Brain Food offerings were attractively presented in small glasses and their colour and diversity encouraged us to try them. They would certainly add to the pleasant memories of an event.

Park Plaza has recently launched an online booking service, making it even easier for delegates to check availability and book rooms in real time. This service is available by visiting

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