Micest Event at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

ANTOR and ITCM hosted a fun gathering

Leeds Castle has it all – and the guests at the ANTOR-ITCM MICE Event enjoyed all it has to offer. If you close your eyes and imagine what a fairytale castle should look like, then you will probably be seeing Leeds Castle. Founded as a Norman fortress in the 11thC, it illustrates additions and improvements over a 1,000-year period. Yes, it has modern amenities to make delegates feel comfortable, but it also has retained the most worthwhile features that create very fond memories of a visit there.

Delegate comments‘It was a very well organised and informative event’ - Karen

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day and evening at Leeds Castle. What a great venue and great time we had! ‘ - Eija

‘This is a magical venue which reflects its history. The activities which took place in the beautiful grounds were efficiently and professionally organised and I would be happy to arrange my incentive events at Leeds Castle.’ - Marilyn

‘‘To say we were impressed with the castle, grounds and hospitality of our hosts would indeed be a massive understatement. It was most informative listening to the presentations and hearing about the new developments in each of the destinations. Thank you for inviting us along to share such a very memorable event in such beautiful surroundings.’ - Paul
It has a wide range of spaces within the castle walls and in its many outbuildings and it boasts hundreds of acres of lavish gardens, so that organisers are able to choose exactly the spaces to suit their events. It is located close to Maidstone in Kent, one of the most beautiful of the English counties.

On Friday and Saturday, 6th and 7th May 2016, Leeds Castle hosted a MICE Event with ANTOR (Association of National Offices and Representatives), for the benefit of a gathering of key agency and corporate event organisers who were invited through ITCM. The guests used words such as ‘magical’, ‘excellent’, ‘fascinating’, ‘wonderful’ and ‘unique’ to express what they experienced.

Many were accompanied by their partners and all were delighted with their accommodation, in castle rooms with four-poster beds or spacious apartments in courtyards in the grounds. A memorable 1930s dinner was served in a vintage banqueting hall, which over the years has been the venue for a fascinating range of occasions, from galas headed by King Henry VIII to hospitality offered to senior political guests by Prime Minister Tony Blair.

ANTOR member countries were generous in their sponsorships. Greece provided the wines at dinner and Estonia offered memorable liqueurs later in the Library.

The business side of the event was carefully overseen by Alison Cryer of Representation Plus, which acts as the ANTOR Secretariat. Presentations, from Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece and Greater Miami were kept to a 15-minute time limit, sufficient for all the bullet points of conference facilities and visitor attractions to be delivered with audio-visual assistance.

The weather was perfect for the outdoor activities. They began with a boat trip on the extensive castle lake. Instruction was later given in archery which enabled everyone to hit the targets in team competitions.

Particularly exciting was a demonstration of falconry with a pair of well-behaved falcons. Guests and hosts alike were able to entice the birds to swoop down and feed from the food offered on a protective glove worn on the left hand.

Those of us who had time available after the MICE programme had been completed on the Saturday morning were fortunate enough to be able to wander round the annual Leeds Castle Motor Show. We viewed every type of vehicle from the earliest vintage models to the latest superfast sports cars.

Finally, back home, we had the pleasure of exploring what was in our goodie bags. There were drinks, brochures, key rings and memory sticks. One item was a cookery book handed out by Danubius Hotels, to which the Head Chefs of properties in different countries had contributed a favourite local recipe.

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