Destination Reports

Destination reports



Toronto is a multi-faceted MICE destination

ITCM’s correspondent, Natasha Blair, hosted by the Convention & Visitors Association, gives an overview of what Toronto can offer to event organisers

Initially I was assured that although some people think of Canada as similar to the USA, there are important differences. We should bear in mind that HM The Queen is the country’s Head of State; Toronto, the largest city was founded by the British 175 years ago.
Toronto is far from being a sea of skyscrapers. There are sculptures positioned around the city, enhancing the landscape. During my visit, I was surprised at how few people I saw on the streets in the business districts.

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Telford & shropshire


Do you really know all the wonders that England has to offer? Not if you haven’t been to Telford & Shropshire

Sydney Paulden rectifies a serious omission in his world-wide travels

The Credit Crunch will have had at least one good and lasting effect if it turns event organisers’ attentions to the glorious opportunities they have overlooked in the UK.
I can say from a personal point of view that travelling more in the UK recently I have been astonished at how much I still have to learn about my own country. 
In spite of living all my life in Britain, I have only recently been to Telford and looked around some of the fascinating places and venues that Shropshire has to offer.

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Heathrow is a complete events destination

ITCM reports on personal site inspections of a variety of hotels that can meet all event needs

'London Heathrow Airport can be seen as a self-contained destination. It has an astonishing range of hotels suitable for all, from 2- to 5-star. As the world’s prime airport, it is located in a network of motorways, being accessible by the M3, M4 and M25, that link into the country’s road network.

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Italian Interlude


Topsy-turvy trip to Pisa and Florence

Is Italy being squeezed out of European destinations? Spain, Portugal and France get a lot of attention. The emerging destinations in the East, notably Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic are constantly n the picture. But Italy seems to be suffering somewhat from news neglect.
Neither did Italy do itself any good by its non-appearance at International Confex 2009. However, I have just had a brief Italian interlude, with a trip that took in Genoa, Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino, Pisa and Florence.

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