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Destination reports



Pay for the event 
– have Florence as a bonus

A simple stroll around the city of Florence is enough to convince delegates that it is a 
well-chosen destination

There are just very few cities in the world where a first-time visitor can stroll around and suddenly become aware of places they feel they have known all their lives. Florence is one of those cities, because much of it is embedded in European history, art and literature and visitors feel it in their bones.

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Malta continues its progress as a destination

New hotels, extensions, more unusual venues and more emphasis on quality are all keeping Malta on the track to a bigger share of Europe’s events business. Malta sees itself as a very central location, convenient to all countries in Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East and even the Far East. This assumption has been borne out in recent years by the remarkable success of its efforts to attract corporate event business.

Malta has effectively added to its family holiday business substantial revenue from business group organisers. This trend encouraged hoteliers and others to invest in more MICE facilities and these in turn attracted more events business.

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Brussels & Wallonia


Find the fun in Brussels and French-speaking Belgium

Brussels and the French-speaking territories of Belgium have all the facilities for the efficient staging of any kind of event. And they also have the sense of fun that can add zest to any leisure programme

Olivier Daloze, Mar-keting Director of Belgian Tourist Office Brussels & Wallonia in Brussels, says that ‘Belgium is a small country and French-speaking Belgium and Brussels (Bruxelles!) make up just more than half of the country as a whole, but if you explore the region it is surprising what a variety of destinations are to be found.’

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See Southport by the sea

In the classic resort of Southport on England’s North West coast are some of the UK’s most notable venues, from conference centres to racing to golf

For anyone not familiar with the area around Southport  it may help to be reminded that it encompasses, for example, Aintree Racecourse and the Royal Birkdale Golf Course.
It is therefore an area that has a remarkable range of attractions and venues to offer event organisers.

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Lisbon the friendly, fascinating city of multiple venues and attractions

Lisbon is a destination where organisers never fail to find something new and interesting no matter how often they take groups there. For newcomers, Lisbon is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. No one is disappointed on a first inspection of the city, its environs and its venues.
A ‘must see’ giant statue on the coast at Lisbon is the Monument to the Discoverers, remembering and honouring the people through history who have sailed from that very point to find new lands, new continents and to extend man’s knowledge of the world in which we live. The statue is there because on that coast is the cape that is the closest piece of Europe to the new world of the Americas.

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