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Destination reports

Austria’s Tyrol reaches the heights with new ideas


Austria’s Tyrol reaches the heights with new ideas

Bordering Germany, Switzerland and Italy, the Austrian state of Tirol (which we spell as Tyrol) has elements of all of these - and more. It represents the pictures one has in the imagination of summer meadows with wild flowers, snow-capped winter mountain resorts, cosy country hotels and chalets, mirror-like lakes and warm hospitality. It is also constantly updating its facilities for corporate activities – meetings and team-building with elements of adventure

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Singapore offers even more


Massive new projects add to the island’s business tourism sector

Singapore has a track record stretching back many decades as a favoured meeting point for every kind of convention, meeting and exhibition. Proof that it is maintaining that reputation is the fact that in 2009 it was acclaimed, for the third year in succession, the ‘Top International Meetings City’ out of 1,653 cities in the statistics published by the Union of International Associations (UIA).

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Belgrade can make the grade


“This is the new capital of European cool”, says Roger St Pierre

The statistics are impressive: 42 museums, 67 art galleries, 26 theatres, a vibrant café culture and lively night life all add to the appeal of Belgrade – capital of Serbia and SE Europe’s fourth largest city. It’s a history packed but thoroughly modern venue for the young and the young at heart.
There’s an infectious mood for having fun that dates back to the dark days of the break-up of Yugoslavia: ‘Let’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die’ became the maxim after the war.

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Do you know Pécs?


This Hungarian town is worthy of a close look

It is probably not sufficiently well known that the city of Pécs has been one of three European Capitals of Culture for 2010 – along with Istanbul and Essen. It is Hungary’s fifth largest city and deserves to be better known. It is now, as it nears the end of its year of European recognition, moving to establish itself more solidly as a destination under the banner of: ‘Gateway to the Balkans’. It is not equipped to be an important conference centre, but for incentives and small gatherings of people who have otherwise ‘seen it all, been everywhere’ it could be a very pleasant surprise.

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Yorkshire is a fast growing destination – and for many good reasons


Yorkshire is a fast growing destination – and for many good reasons

Welcome to Yorkshire can claim to represent the UK’s fastest growing tourism area. Working with four conference bureaux (Conference Leeds, York & Scarborough Conferences, Conference Yorkshire South and Hull & East Yorkshire Conferences), it is ensuring that business tourism will continue to have its fair share.
There is a buzz in each of these regions, where hotels, conference centres, visitor attractions, sports stadia and racecourses are working enthusiastically with the municipal authorities to upgrade their facilities for incentives and conferences. Sydney Paulden reports on a range of venues that show how rapidly progress is being made in york and Hull.
Further reports from Yorkshire towns will appear in future issues

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