Destination Reports

Destination reports

Strictly come Gdansk-ing


Sydney Paulden was in a small group shown round North Poland’s Three Cities by Boruslaw Becla, Director of the Polish Tourist Office in London, in advance of Euro 2012 Football Championships

In a packed itinerary of only three days, we enjoyed great company with lots of jokes and good humour. The food was not only plentiful but beautifully served and very, very fresh. The sightseeing was fascinating. And there was an array of modern, high quality facilities for events of all types and sizes.

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More choice throughout Scotland


‘Scotland has a wide range of venues with a long track record of holding events of every type and size. It can offer a change of culture with optimum accessibility and so should always be on the list of possibles when investigating a destination’, says Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Tourism, VisitScotland.

Neil Brownlee illustrates the accessibility of Scotland from south of the border by pointing out that VisitScotland takes groups on site inspections and fam trips to Glasgow or Edinburgh or Inverness ‘and we can be there and back in the day’.

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Life after the Cup


Roger St. Pierre visits South Africa to report on what comes next

A disaster for England, France, Italy, Germany and Brazil – did you ever see flags coming down quite so fast? – the football World Cup was a triumph not just for winners Spain but for host country South Africa.
The question everyone is now asking is: ‘What will be the legacy for the self-styled Rainbow Nation?’ On a visit to London immediately after the big event, South African Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe told a packed press conference audience: ‘The event brought the whole world to ‘The Cradle of Mankind’ and we are convinced a high percentage of our international visitors will want to return to see more of our kaleidoscopically varied country.

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Scotland can be a winter wonderland

Scotland can be a winter wonderland

For the next few months or for next year, Scotland is worth consideration as a destination out of season, when unusual and exciting pursuits are to be found at a very reasonable cost. Briony Key reports on activities that can make an otherwise dull period one to remember, stimulating the brain and the body

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Hong Kong is not only a destination, but a motivating experience


Hong Kong is not only a destination, but a motivating experience

Hong Kong prides itself on being the meeting point for East and West business contacts. There is no better location for a convention or exhibition that aims to attract senior executives and buyers from both hemispheres. Hong Kong is part of China, the massive market of the present and the future, but so British in so many of its more recent customs and methods of doing business. It was, after all, part of the British commonwealth of nations for almost 100 years. However, it is more than a serious trading centre. It knows how to have fun and any incentive award winner or business guest invited there by British hosts will be forever grateful. Hong Kong is a destination where hospitality, motivation and team-building can at one and the same time immerse the participants in Chinese manners and traditions that will serve them well in future business dealings.

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