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Destination Reports

Destination reports

Creative Scotland highlights MICE facilities

Scotland Arena

Briony Key of ITCM tours some of Scotland’s choice MICE venues

Dundee’s massive investment
The new museum is forecast to attract 10,000 visitors a week and has already won a major architecture prize for Civic Buildings (unbuilt) in the World Architecture News Awards.

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Mauritius provides massive impact at modest prices


‘Much more than sea, sand and sun’, say Fam Trip delegates

The reputation of Mauritius as a destination can sometimes be too high for its own good. Incentives-cum-meetings held in Mauritius could be conceived as the height of luxury at a time when austerity has been the buzzword. In fact, the cost can be surprisingly modest for a never-to-be-forgotten trip to an island paradise in the Indian Ocean.

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Dresden is a ‘must visit’ . .


. . . and Maritim Dresden the place to stay and meet

Dresden has become a symbol throughout the world of the horrors inflicted by war. It was the target for two days of carpet bombing in February 1945 and so a first-time visitor might expect to see a very modern rebuilt city.
Astonishingly, a stroll round its spacious squares and a marvelling at vista after vista of baroque palaces and churches gives the impression that it has been totally and lovingly preserved, unharmed, over the centuries.

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Yorkshire’s venues of infinite variety – ancient and modern, large, small and quirky


ITCM visits a representative range throughout the county

For event organisers, Yorkshire is like a giant, upmarket tombola. Dig into any area of the county and you can find a gem of a venue. A year ago ITCM went on a tour and carried out 16 site inspections covering unusual venues; ancient monuments; academic lecture theatres; guildhalls and museums. The procedure has just been repeated in 2011. A further whistle-stop tour of almost a score of different venues, all selected by Welcome to Yorkshire, all ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other – yet not a single repeat visit, all completely different from those previously seen.

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Strictly come Gdansk-ing


Sydney Paulden was in a small group shown round North Poland’s Three Cities by Boruslaw Becla, Director of the Polish Tourist Office in London, in advance of Euro 2012 Football Championships

In a packed itinerary of only three days, we enjoyed great company with lots of jokes and good humour. The food was not only plentiful but beautifully served and very, very fresh. The sightseeing was fascinating. And there was an array of modern, high quality facilities for events of all types and sizes.

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