Destination Reports

Destination reports

Surprise after surprise in Leipzig


Sydney Paulden of ITCM wonders where Leipzig has been hiding itself all these years

Leipzig was a major centre for European trade and culture for centuries, but it seemed to become almost dormant for about 50 years. It is now making very positive strides towards regaining its place on not only the European scene, but the world scene. ITCM, in the shape of Sydney Paulden, was one of a group of specialist MICE journalists invited to see a sample of the wide range of facilities that should attract association and corporate events to Leipzig. Other members of the hosted party flew in from the USA, Brazil and China.

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Millions and billions refurb New Orleans


Roger St. Pierre surveys the post hurricane recovery

It’s already seven years since the fearsome Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the fabled ‘Crescent City’. Sadly there are still many unhealed scars in some of the poorer outlying neighbourhoods but it’s business back to normal downtown in the Big Easy, which has regained its crown as America’s fun city.

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Atlantic City is a sure bet

Atlantic City

Roger St Pierre finds that Atlantic City is beginning to convince Europe it is a great MICE destination

In this age of digital photography and Photoshop manipulation, the old adage that ‘The camera never lies’ is a lie in itself.
In the wake of last November’s Hurricane Sandy we were bombarded with images of devastation all along the USA’s East Coast. From the pictures on the news’ programmes it appeared that the gaming and leisure resort of Atlantic City had been particularly hard hit, with its famed boardwalk smashed to smithereens.

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Philadelphia adds to its giant MICE facilities


Roger St Pierre sends reports during an extended visit to some of the USA’s top conference destinations

Home of the Liberty Bell, Liberty Hall and the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia is the cradle of the American nation. Steeped in history, ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ is at the same time cutting edge modern. It even boasts a skyscraper shaped to resemble a computer memory stick.
Nowhere is this bustling metropolis more state-of-the-art than at the lavishly refurbished and expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center, a whopping US$786m project that’s been five years in the making.

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Hi Tech blows your Mindspace in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh, South India, offers a convention centre and hotels to compare with the most modern in the world – as well as the chaotic streets and visitor attractions of an ancient city

Hyderabad is not merely a city of contrasts. It’s two different worlds in two different eras. We were driven into the old city to visit the must-see Chowmahalla Palace. It has to be one of the memorable attractions of India, with two vast courtyards and a total of five palace buildings with a backcloth of fountains and gardens.

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